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I completed my B.E. Computer this year (2015). I know Core (basic + intermediate) Java as it was only there in my academic curriculum. Now I want to give exam for OCJP (Oracle Certified Java programmar) which is one of the reputed certification for Java. I know it includes only Core Java. Should I enroll for a Java course at a training institute or learn by self study (from books and Internet) as I know Core Java basics and has done a Computer Science degree ?

I have also enquired for a Java course at training institute which includes Core and Advance Java and Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and JSF. Are these topics worth learning from a training institute or can be learned independently on the basis of some knowledge of Core Java ?

Also which are good training institutes for such courses in Mumbai and Thane? How about NIITs ?

Please advice.


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I think Hyderabad is the best place to learn any software and also get a job related to software.

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If you have already studied basic java yourself, then first try to solve the scenarios/questions from the internet. Once you feel mastered in those , then you can proceed with advanced topics yourself. If not you can join java institute.
also, Please tell us about your future plans. I.e if u want to join MNC or continue with studies (M.Tech).
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