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So I'm in my final year of CSE and haven't really acquired any skills in terms of tech field like Programming, DevOps ... I know stuff like Computing , Little Cyber Security and Problem Solving with Computers but I just don't study/work until there is a pressure or need , so I was never serious about my academics . So the time has come . I just have 6 months more until I can appear for interviews and get placed . And I just want to work out on all my skills , I am taking my Capstone Project seriously .
I can easily get into Cyber Security field with my skills but I don't want to gravitate towards that area since the salary packages would be low ,so I was thinking to go into coding related jobs or may be Data Science if I can do it from now . Since many of you are already working in IT .Could you please give some advice on what skills I need to focus on the most and how in general the recruitment process for freshers would be in order to land a good job at a good company .

CGPA : Might end up with 6.2 something before my interview
Certification : None Worthy enough to mention
Leadership Skills : None
Good at debating and Public Speaking , but no certifications !


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I was just paranoid back then . Would be good to hear your advice . I started doing DSA recently .


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I was just paranoid back then . Would be good to hear your advice . I started doing DSA recently .
don't worry. Nothing will happen because of your post on a social media platform. If you want to get placed in any company then you need to prepare for interview questions. Since the time is less, better to prepare interview questions directly instead of going through book topic by topic.
Better focus on your basic understanding of the Data Structure and pick a language like Java and start preparing for interview questions. Focus more on String and Collection APIs just for technical rounds of Java. If you have more time, then prepare algorithms as suggested by Goku. You must know few of the basic algorithms if not all.
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