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My one of HCL monitors menu automatically pop up and hide many times.
and it automatically reduces the brightness to 0 .
what is the problem here?
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Most Wanted

In a New flavour
^ No problem with buttons.
they are working fine.
i also checked button and other parts of monitor. no problem i have find.
one thing also i am unable to understand why it reduces brightness again and again?

Choto Cheeta


If you suspect this is a software related issue, then try and find or borrow an external TV tuner card from a friend of yours, in that case you can be sure whether its a Computer software related issue or a motherboard issue or a hardware issue with the monitor it self..

Good news is if its a monitor related issue, then ask for HCL support in case of warranty still valid or any local TV repar guy would be able to fix these CRTs with nominal charges (Rs. 250 or 300 at max)



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it can be a h/w issue.why not ask the help of a service centre or local "chip level service centre" guy? before ,I had issues with my samtron 56v ,display shakes and restarts randomly.then the guy did some soldering and replaced 2-3 resistors ,condensors and again it is running fine :)


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had the same problem with my hcl monitor. I think all hcl monitors with time succumb to this problem. the only solution seems to be holding the exit button on the monitor while working for a while and check if the problem disappears or not. Else a hardware repair could be a more costly but long term alternative.
Any better solutions would be appreciated.

PS: Had the problem just 10 mins ago. Now seems ok. Oof comes again ! :) The fight is on.
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