1. saikiasunny

    What do you expect from a good computer case?

    So i was just going over shopping sites and saw the amount of cases currently available. The number of cases is huge. Cheap cases, large cases, inverted cases..... But only few cases offered something new to the table. They are all same steel and plastic boxes that we are used to. Yes they...
  2. C

    Vagrant - Anyone use ?

    Anyone use Vagrant ? Will it be good to use when you have low bandwidth like in India ? Boxes, do we have to download this one time only ?
  3. A

    Hw do i run both wndows and linux simultaneously..?

    guys how do i run both windows and linux simultaneously.. ? Is it using virtual boxes..?
  4. R

    Is my Dell SP2008WFP HD?

    how can i know if my DELL DP2008WFP monitor is HD or not? its native resolution is 1680x1050,so what is its aspect ratio? and how good will the quality it be if i connect HDTV inputs(eg set top boxes?) thank you
  5. N

    Hathway Digital Cable Questions

    I have some queries regarding Hathway Digital Cable TV service in NON-CAS areas. My cable operator tells me that the set top boxes are out of stock & it will take some time for him to get new boxes. What are my options? Can I contact Hathway Mumbai directly? I asked my cable operator whether...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Ubuntu 8.04 quotes bug

    Hi All Has anyone else noticed the fact that in Ubuntu hardy heron, there is a bug due to which single and double quites don function properly ? The first time I type them, there is no output. In Konqueror, I end up with two square boxes if I use double quotes twice, in Firefox, I get two...
  7. P

    How to enter product keys quickly?

    GSTHE-VG29Y-G194Y-E7KRT-BYH9G Is there a software which simplifies the process of copy pasting the product keys at one go into boxes provided for product keys instead of the repeating the process for each string separately?
  8. nikhilrao

    Boxes opening as plain blank due to Virus?

    Just saw that my System restore box has just started opening as blank. Dont know when it started happening. And Some other boxes too are opeing up as plain blank. Is this due to Virus ?? I have scanned with Avast which I use. Tell me how to solve this.:confused:
  9. jack_the_ripper

    How do you get rid of this...

    hey guys, i guess this is the silliest thing i ever asked on a forum! just want to know how to get rid of the colored boxes under the icons? i mean i want to merge them with the wallpaper behind... pls help!
  10. P

    help needed on visual basic!!!

    how can i make same size of all the text boxes on the form!!!
  11. A

    help 16-bit ms-dos subsytem error???

    hey when my system strts as in windows loads completely i get this error in form of msg boxes 16-BIT MS-DOS SUBSYTEM c:\windows\system32\DL5EB7~1.EXE The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:0de8 IP:02d2 OP:0f 3b 3b 3b 0d Choose 'Close; to terminate the application and...
  12. tango_cash

    i think i have a solution for moisture problem!!!!

    hi i think i have a solution for moisture problem.remember those small packets that u get in shoe boxes and other such boxes it is some silica gel thing and it is supposed to prevent what if we keep a packet or two in our cabinets.what do u think?
  13. R

    About desktop?

    The detail below the shortcut icons is displayed in blue boxes on my computer desktop. It happened when I copied and pasted the hyperlink on my desktop. Now I have deleted that hyperlink but the blue boxes still remain there. How can it be undone? I am using windows xp SP2 pack. Please help...
  14. sujithtom

    Sudoku: The game. My first game.

    Hi guys. I made a game of Sudoku in C. It is my first working game :D and i made it for my school exhibition. I got the idea from someone eho made Sudoku in Java and posted here. Whoever he is thanks for the help he unknowingly had done to me ;-) Link to the exe for Sudoku the game...
  15. N

    Problem in VB MSFlexgrid

    Hi, I want to know how to display the selected data in Flexgrid in the text boxes. Thanks ....
  16. navneeth_snr


    Any cool software for creating labels for cd/dvd boxes.
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