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i am the biggest fool ever.
i was totally bored and i wanted to merge two partitions one of 998 MB and the other of 25GB. (yes i was that bored).

the following were my drives C: (root) D:, E:, F:, and G:

the 998MB was orginally planned for SWAP area for a SUSE.
since that did not happen it was not used.
now this free space i formated using partation magic 8.something.
after that i was merging it with D: so i did and it started to merge, it did upto 75% or so, then i was fed up as it was so slow, then i simply closed,
but it would not close so i got more pissed and simply pulled the plug.

i then pluged it in and started the pc, this is when all hell begin to fall, i am greeted with a nice blue screen.

i restart and it boots then the shock of my life all the partations from my D are gone, it shows as unpartationed space almost 120GB data gone.

we tried some recovery softwares but no good.
are there any professionals for this?
is there any way i can recover it?
i am ready to pay any amount, the data inside is very imp.


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Well, You may try this article []

And these guys seem to be from India, so better get in touch with them.

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i mailed them.
as for the walkthrough, i want to try it but i am scared of getting into deeper sh1t than i am in now.

thank you.
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