How often u change ur mobile

How often do you change your handset?

  • 0-3 months

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • 3-6 months

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 6-12 months

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • 12-18 month

    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • 18-24 months

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • more than 24 months

    Votes: 4 14.8%

  • Total voters
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Broken In
Hi guys , I started using mobile phone almost a year ago and i have already bought 5 mobiles. I use new mobile for few weeks/months and get bored with it.Then I sell it and buy a new one lol.
Do u guys change it often?


No man! This is mah first handset...bought 1.5 yrs ago and still love it and have it. I just wanted a mobo that has a camera to take some pics and ma mobo still makes me happy!

Besides a lotta time is wasted in buying a new mobile. The next one that comes has only has 1-2 new improved features that we rarely use! If feel u shud take a mobo that suits ur needs! Mah friend is like u and currently has N-91 I think. Its been a week I met him....he might have changed it again!
But my point is he never uses EDGE,MMS, rarely uses bluetooth,never uses Infrared and only has 10-20 songs which he rarely listens! I mean whats the use of buying a costly handset that has all the features but then u use only 4-5 features!

If I started buying like this...then I'll go bankrupt within an year! Besides today 2 MP camera phones are common and I guess 2 MP is more than enough for a person who wants a camera phone!


Cyborg Agent
I dont change my cell too often.. say once in 2 yrs... rite nw m happy wit my n6600.. future plns 4 n73...


Added a poll :)

I don't change it too often. Usually use it for about 2 years. I use it very carefully and ensure that I get the maximum bang for my buck :D


Mr. S Nova
This is my 2nd phone (LG G1800) am using it for over n year now..
Not findin enough reasons to change it.. as all i needed was nice color screen and MP3 ringtones (this phn speaker is better than nokia)

My first phn: Moto T190 (used it for 2 yrs)

My nxt phn: could be SE W810i.. but not in near future


I change my phone, when a new phone comes with APIs that I can use.

Earlier it was K500 for Mascot Capsule API (JSR 184) and JP3, Used for more than a year.
Now its W800 for Bluetooth (JSR 82) and FileConnection API (JSR 75) and JP5, using it for last year, working fine.
Next will be some JP7 with Camera Capabilities API (JSR 234) but not from currunt line, may be I will skip JP7 for next version.


i change every year.........not cos i hate the one i have....but becos theres something very much better to the one i have


Hey here is the aks
i started in jan 2004 and now i m having my 13th phone( but all were under 10k till 12th)


I usually change when i get bored of current cell or have enough money to go for a new one. Although i avoid using it for more than one year. My current cell (N-Gage QD) is the 4th in past 3 years.
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