1. coderunknown

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [PC/Xbox360/PS3]

    Announcing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel So 2K & Gearbox have finally confirmed that the new game is indeed going to be called "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel" and will take place in Pandora's moon. As this is a pre-sequel (may call it Borderlands 1.5), it'll take place before between the events...
  2. Darshan Singh

    Best playable character in Borderlands 2

    Hi guys, I am playing Borderlands 2 in Single player as Salvador the Gunzerker. I want to know if changing the character class alters the gameplay in some way or not because each character has different abilities. And if yes, then which character is the most fun to play with. Thanks
  3. gameranand

    Borderlands 2 GOTY MP and Co-Op Discussion

    OK so lot many of us have recently ordered Borderlands GOTY Edition and so wanted to start game together in Co-Op. So this thread is basically dedicated for that very purpose. Please Share your views here about the game Co-Op part and we arrange the Co-Op sessions from this thread itself as...
  4. A


    Hello fellow members! Is it worth buying L2D2 [for 300rs on steam sale] and Borderlands 2 [for 900rs on gmg - steam activated ] ? Do we indians can play those games with decent pings to EU servers? As i have MTNL, i get insane-high pings to SEA countries because mtnl decided to route their...
  5. doomgiver

    Borderlands 2 not running (fresh windows install)

    So, i have this copy of borderlands 2. was playing beautifully for the last month. But i had to re-install windows, due to somthing or the other. Now the damn thing is not working. no error, nothing. it just shows up in the task manager for a instant. Borderlands 2 | System Requirements |...
  6. C

    How to fix steam_dll error..?

    I just downloaded a game from a torrent site,when i try to launch the game it says that the system could not locate steam_api.dll ..? Can someone help me fix this issue..? The game which i am trying to play is Borderlands 2.. i googled it alot but couldn't find the correct solution.. Any help...
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    Borderlands 2

    We all knew this would be inevitable and lo-behold we know that Gearbox now has a sequel in the making, which would be revealed at PAX. More details? Read on: 2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands™ 2 in Development Source: Official Borderlands 2 Website First Art-work:
  8. funkysourav

    Lightheadedness, Nausea while playing Borderlands?

    Hi guys I just want to know does anyone else feel lightheadedness/nausea while playing Borderlands? i cant even play it more than half an hour without straining my eyes:( i tried a fix but it doesn't help at all just want to know if anyone else is facing this issue, is the game at...
  9. vamsi_krishna

    Needed: Player for Borderlands Co-Op

    We (Ethan_hunt, Tarey_g, vamsi_krishna) are about the complete the Playthrough 1 of Borderlands (Incl. all the DLCs). So, the team is thinking about playing a second playthrough. We need a 4th player to get the maximum out of this game. Previously we were playing with Sunnychahal, but he dropped...
  10. tkin

    The Official Borderlands Thread

    Hey guys, I'm noticing that some of you are playing Borderlands frequently and liking this game as I am, so I'm opening this thread for all borderlands related queries here, post your Character progress, Builds, Screenshots, Videos and keep all borderlands related discussions in this thread...
  11. DarkDante

    Borderlands crashing on start.Need help!

    Hey guys, i got a borderlands copy from my friend who got it from a 'ahem' source. it works fine on his Pc, but when i tried it on mine, it installs smoothly but om start it says " 'some file' not found by dynamic entry gateway d3d9.dll" actually i've bin having lots of problems due to this...
  12. NewsBytes


        The story of Borderlands takes us to the desolate planet of Pandora— a wasteland that proudly assures that it is guaranteed to be your final destination. This story is set in the fringe regions of this planet which is made up of scattered outposts; and it is this region from where...
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