1. G

    CIA agent who exposed US complicity in helping Pakistan develop nuclear bomb

    Sorry an error occurred A few excerpts but seriously read the whole article. I have read Adrian Levy's book on Pakistan's nuclear bomb. Pretty detailed. How he was targeted. Very similar to how another CIA officer was targeted by Bush Adm. because her husband, an ambassador spoke out...
  2. aaruni

    Bomb Blast in Bangalore

    A low intensity bomb blast from an IED took place in Church Street near M.G Road, Bangalore. Two injured, a woman in critical state, and a man. Source We were just in the area in the late noon.... Damn we were shocked when we switched on the TV to this news.
  3. theserpent

    Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus

    Mangalore: Comedy of errors creates bomb scare at Infosys campus TROLL LOL LOL
  4. windchimes

    Can we courier a bag of clothes?

    Guys I am travelling, infact moving from one place to another. Since I am alone I don't wanna carry extra luggage and was wondering whether any courier guys would be willing to accept a backpack and courier it without costing a bomb.. Any idea on this..?
  5. Desmond

    [Breaking news] 3 Minor bomb blasts in Pune few minutes from now.

    Sources : Three minor explosions reported in Pune - The Times of India Three minor blasts hit Pune, one injured - Hindustan Times Four minor blasts in Pune, one injured - India - Maharashtra - ibnlive Correction: 4 bomb blasts., 1 defused.
  6. Desmond

    FBI helps with terrorist plots in the US

    Apparently, US's vanguard against terrorism aids terrorist plots in the US and foils them too. Source Makes me wonder about the whole 9/11 episode (had doubts since Zeitgeist).
  7. kalpik

    Bomb Blast in Pune

  8. Faun

    The West’s duplicity

  9. V

    Penguin Bomb !!!

    Perhaps the title is misleading!! Penquin is intellegent and peaceful bird!! But somehow it become a symbol of resistance forces of free world..So what is common bet ween a quit bird and a weapon of Mass destruction.?? The US atom labs are always looking for more floppage grunt to run their...
  10. pritish_kul2

    How can i get alerts on bomb blasts?

    Is there a site which provides bomb alert....dat means whenever a bomb blast happen...thn i get a SMS on my mobile??
  11. kalpik

    At least 40 killed by bomb at Islamabad's Marriott

    More at source.
  12. P

    Bangalore Bomb Blast

  13. kalpik

    Benazir Bhutto killed

    In a bomb blast :O
  14. S

    Bomb hits historic India mosque

    Bomb hits historic India mosque At least five people have been killed in a bomb explosion at a historic mosque in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, the authorities say. Many more were hurt in the blast during Friday...
  15. faraaz

    Bomb Blast In Mecca Masjid (Hyderabad)

    Five persons were killed and four others, including two children, were injured when a bomb exploded in the historic Mecca mosque in the Charminar area of the old city in Hyderabad. Chief Minister YSR Rajasekhara Reddy said from New Delhi two more live bombs were found in the vicinity and were...
  16. koolbluez

    The Weapons of our Future...

    Well, we already saw the Ray-Gun post a day back. Continuin from where i left.. these r the next big things in modern weaponry... youtube files @ the source site 1. XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW), XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW)...
  17. kerthivasan

    How Will Back-up Site , Back-up Their Files?

    How Will The Back-up Site , Back-up Their Files..? And What Special Features They Include To Protect The Files.? What Will Happen If A Bomb Is Dropped In The Physical Location Of The Site?
  18. rajasekharan

    please identify this game . .

    its an old one . . dont remember much . . its like this : you have car ,you race from one point to another carrying a parcel or something , you can bomb other cars , hitting space bar will throw some package to other cars and will explode them . . please identify this one for me :-(.
  19. nix

    the rs 4k moto...

    i saw an ad in the tv...some 4k rs motorola, which model is that?? its the ad in which the parents ask the kid if he's doing something illegal coz they see his moto and think it costs a bomb....
  20. tiblu

    Cheapest SLI Setup

    Hey guys please suggest me compatible good SLI rig which costs minimum. Which processor, mobo, Graphic cards(SLI) and memory should i go for? I dont want any HI-FI suggestion please, it should not cost a Bomb for me. Thanks
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