Benazir Bhutto killed

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yea just saw
the killers came on a bike and fired on her with ak-47
and bullets rushed on to her throat :(
sad this is really sad :(


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damn shocking seriously very shocking and sad ... 5 bullets shot;1 thru neck - assassination ... :shock: damn


die blizzard die! D3?
wasn't it expected?She himself said it a couple of times that she fears her murder.

Anyways she wasn't any saint either,but still its very sad for pakistani democracy.


RAWALPINDI, Islamabad — An attack on a political rally killed the Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto near the capital, Islamabad, Thursday. Witnesses said Ms. Bhutto was fired upon at close range before the blast, and an official from her party said Ms. Bhutto was further injured by the explosion, which was apparently caused by a suicide attacker.
Ms. Bhutto was declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Rawalpindi at 6:16 p.m. after the doctors had tried to resuscitate her for thirty-five minutes. She had shrapnel injuries, the doctors said. At least a dozen more people were killed in the attack.

“At 6:16 p.m. she expired,” said Wasif Ali Khan, a member of Ms. Bhutto’s party who was at Rawalpindi General Hospital where she was taken after the attack, according to The Associated Press.Hundreds of supporters had gathered at the political rally, which was being held at Liaqut Bagh, a park that is a common venue for political rallies and speeches, in Rawalpindi, the garrison city adjacent to the capital.

Amid the confusion after the explosion, the site was littered with pools of blood. Shoes and caps of party workers were lying on the asphalt, and shards of glass were strewn about the ground. Pakistani television cameras captured images of ambulances pushing through crowds of dazed and injured people at the scene of the assassination.

CNN reported that witnesses at the scene described the assassin as opening fire on Ms. Bhutto and her entourage, hitting her at least once in the neck and once in the chest, before blowing himself up.

Farah Ispahani, a party official from Ms. Bhutto’s party, said: “It is too soon to confirm the number of dead from the party’s side. Private television channels are reporting twenty dead.” Television channels were also quoting police sources as saying that at least 14 people were dead.

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Pawned!... Beyond GODLIKE
ohm my gooodness!! :shock:
bechari bHutto!!!

bad news for pakistan just at eve of new year :sad:


Happy New Year! Will they ever learn that funding and arming islamic terrorists isn't EXACTLY a good idea?

Its time they dismantled the training camps and killed all the terrorists. No prizes for guessing who trained them to use RDX and other devices of death.
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