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  1. sam9s

    [Want to Buy] Avatar 3D Bluray ...

    as the title says, if anyone has it and willing to sell ......
  2. S

    Bluray capable PC

    I would like to build a Bluray decoding capable PC. Budget is 40,000 I only need to know the components of the cabinet, like CPU, Graphics, RAM, PSU, etc. Also, please suggest a good cabinet.
  3. nvrmndryo

    HOW IS SAMSUNG UA 40EH6030 3D TV for 43K?

  4. D

    Value for money laptop @65k

    I am a college student and an average gamer . Primary usage of laptop is entertainment and gaming. budget is 65k. need a value for money laptop. Not much concerned about design or looks. Must have good hardware config(Processor,RAM,GPU). would prefer FHD screen,backlit keyboard,good...
  5. anirbandd

    BluRay Video Conversion load

    Hi all, I re encode a lot of bluray video from mkv to mp4 format for watching on my TV. i use the AVS video Converter. its a pretty good piece of software. it takes about 1hr 20mins to convert a full HD video from mkv to mp4. i keep the resolution and frame rate same, and lower the bitrate to...
  6. M

    New HP Bd340i Bluray 12X Writer. Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Burner

    1. *Model number and details: HP Bd340i Bluray 12X Writer 2. *Date of purchase: 25 Septemeber 2012 3. Reason for sale: Need money. 4. Warranty details: No. 5. *Expected Price: Rs 8,000 + Rs 250 shipping By DTDC Plus or Aramex 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala. 7. *Pictures along with...
  7. K

    blu ray writer and blank bluray

    asus bw-12b1lt i want to buy this model and dl and single layer blank blu ray and dvd s which supprt lightsurcribe can tell where i get these alll cheapest in delhi or rajsthan or any place in india
  8. S

    Pioneer BDR- Bluray writter not working

    Hi, I am from Bangalore, I bought Pioneer Bluray writer but its not working. i don't the reason but i can see it in my device manager if i insert a dvd it is showing as no disc, i am from bangalore can any 1 suggest me where can i give this to repair i want it to work
  9. M

    External bluray writer 6x usb powered used.

    Hello guys i am selling of my bluray writter external model Matshita uj 240 It can write upto 6x BD R 2X BD RE AND DVD R -8X AND DVD RW 4X MRP-10,000 APPX EXPECTED PRICE 8000 INCLUDED : BD- RE 25 GB VERBATIM WORTH 800RS HAD EMPTY DISC EACH COST 250RS VERY HIGH QUALITY WILL Sell IF REQUESTED...
  10. S

    Pioneer BDR 205 not detecting in system - help!!!

    I am from Bangalore, My friend bought Pioneer Bluray Disc Drive BDR 205. I installed in my system i already have LG DVD RW so i am using both in SATA. i don't know why still i am not able to see my poineer in my comp , is there any driver cd needed for this. my frd only gave this bluray...
  11. gtcdon

    Help me with my new pc config 22k budget

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: mostly internet,movies,dvd and bluray ripping...no gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? If not- why? A: yes 3. What is your MAX budget? A: 22k 4. Planning to...
  12. gtcdon

    In need of a bluray drive for my pc...

    Hi...I'm from cochin and need to buy a bluray drive for my pc.....can you guys help me out with the best affordable one from market....any online sites where i can buy those...my budget would be under 5k....:grin: please suggest me cheap or value for money bd drives available.....also is there...
  13. B

    where 2 i get internal bluray writer in chennai?

    last week i can search chennai richie street.there is one shop have sony internal bluray writer.its costs 9k.but its have slow writing speed.i wanna faster bluray wring speed.recently lg,pioneer released internal bluray writer with better speed.but i dont know where 2 get in chenni.plz compare...
  14. B

    plz quide 2 build high end gaming system

    Default Re: Basic Guide Purchase a New System Quote: Originally Posted by bournurplusher View Post i want 2 buid new system.im dont know much about system hardware.plz quide me...my options... My budget-around 100K my usage-watch HD movies,play games,listen lossless audio(flac,wma),make...
  15. RCuber

    Please recomend a LCD TV

    My dad is now thinking of purchasing a LCD TV, I am not exactly sure about the budget, but its less than 35K. He wants a 32" TV to replace our 25" Samsung CRT TV. We currently have a Digital Settop box from Hathway and we are more than happy with the picture quality(MPEG2). Few questions...
  16. PCWORM

    Is bluray media cracked?!!

    a simple question there:--- is bluray media cracked?!!
  17. tarey_g

    And Bluray killed HdDvd..(Proof)

    The battle was fierce, one had to die... :mrgreen:
  18. techtronic

    This is the Rip I prefer - HD. Which one for you ?

    I am starting this thread for posting releases of HD Rips (only Names). Also there is a poll for fanclubs of both DVDRips and HDRips. AFAI am concerned I am a HDRip fan and collector too. So have fun and give it your shot. Meanwhile, these are the current releases 1.The Illusionist 2006 720p...
  19. A

    Bluray in India

    Is Bluray availalble in India? If yes, where and what is the price of bluray PC drive and bluray media? Is it worthy to buy bluray (due to bluray vs HD-DVD )?
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