1. ramakanta


    I need a best blacklist software for my Nokia N73 mobile . I have try lot . but not satisfied due to caller can know !! please help me . thank you.
  2. P

    Is a coolermaster thunder 450W decent?

    Hi my config is as follows: 1)Core: AMD Athlon ll X2 270 3.4 GHz dual core 2) Mobo: Asus M5A78LM LX 3)RAM: 2x Corsair DDR3 2 GB (1 x 2 GB) PC RAM (VS2GB1333D3) 4) 2 Hard disks: samsung 160jj 3gb/s hd, wd 5000aads 3gb/s hd 5) 2 DVD drives 6) Monitor: SyncMaster 171s...
  3. 6Diablo9

    Blacklist option in your Cellphone.

    I started this thread to know how does Blacklist option in different phones work. For example : What happens when a blacklisted number gives you a call? What happens when a blacklisted numbers sends you an sms? Lastly do you use any applications to Blacklist any nos.? I use a Micromax...
  4. paroh

    Internet Censorship!

    NEWS In the United States, a new law proposal called The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced last week, and there will be a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday. If passed, this law will allow the government, under the command of...
  5. V

    NFS MW Blacklist#

    For those who had played NFS MW, I am sure that they had started Carreer...!!!:cool: :cool: As the game is hard then previous series, I wanna know that in what blacklist no. u are...???:confused: Plz donot tell lie that u are in 1.:mad: Poll ur current postion and after defecting...
  6. debsuvra

    Howto : Bypass AGP graphics card problem with newer linux distros

    Today's each and every linux kernel comes with a module named agpgart that identifies and enable one's AGP graphics card in these distros. But many users including me has some issues with some AGP cards as the AGPGART did not detect the amount of onboard dedicated RAM on these graphic cards and...
  7. sridatta

    NFS Most Wanted Bug !!! PLZ HELP!!!!

    I have started career mode recently and completed till blacklist 9. After i defeat blacklist 9, the blacklist 8 is loaded, but the image has the DEFEATED tag. (see the pic below). Now, even after i complete all the milestones and races, i didnot get "Challenge Rival".. Now, i was not able to...
  8. Ray

    Which is the best car in NFS Most Wanted?

    Which one do u think is the best car?I am currently in blacklist 3 and Lamborghini Gallardo seems the best car now.I am thinking of buying a new car.So which one should I buy? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I am in the 2nd blacklist and Gallardo and...
  9. abhi_10_20

    Nfs Mw

    Its really getting hard to get bounty after beating the 6th blacklist member. Any tricks, please help.
  10. M


    i hope almost all gamers out here must have played nfs most wanted.. was jus wondering wht must be other's blacklist position... Well i am at pos. 4 N i am ridin on a Lamborgini Galrado.. wht bout u? post ur blacklist position n ur car... :D
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