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  1. M

    bitlocker encrypted pen drive not getting decrypted.

    I have Encrypted my 32 GB sandisk dual pendrive through default utility BITLOCKER available in windows 7. I have also given password to it via bitlocker. but, now i want to remove password of it , when i enter password after connecting it to pc for unlocking through bitlocker, it...
  2. ramakanta

    Bit Locker !!

    I have 2GB Pen Drive and has Turn It On BitLocker by Windows 7. but my question is i can't open it in my ubuntu 10.4 OS which is install inside my Win 7 Os . is there any procedure or softwares to open my pen drive data in ubuntu OS which is protected by BitLocker. Please Help Me.:-(:-(:-(...
  3. R

    Looking For Freeware FOlder Lock S/W

    1) Pref. Freeware 2) Dont need Advance features (just Lock folder with P/Ward + encryption ) 3)sry dont suggest Bitlocker or MyLockFolder Thank you
  4. bubusam13

    Drive lock

    Hi, I want my D: drive to be accessible to me only which holds many personal files. Anybody from other accounts should not be able to access those files. Windows 7 pre-installed Bitlocker doesnot work fine. Can someone help me ?
  5. G

    Bitlocker Problem !!!!

    i encrypted 1 of the 3 partitions on my external HDD using bitlocker. it is a 60 GB partition on 250 GB HDD. while decrypting it, there was a power faliure and the error occured, windows 7 x64 shows the drive not formatted and the bitlocker also doesnt detect it. i tried using the bitlocker...
  6. emailaatif786

    BitLocker Drive

    I can easily UNLOCK my BitLocker Encrypted Drive using my password. I right Click on my Drive Partition, > Unlock > Enter Password> and the drive unlocks. But where is the option to LOCK it again? I need to restart my PC to get it again Locked.
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