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Casino games for ubuntu linux required

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Call me Sumit
Well I just had a visit to Atlantic city casinos and they were awesome .....:p

There were mostly machines like u put 10 $ in and there will be bets like 25 cents each...Machine has five different pictures on the screen ...There are various lines and bets can be twiced or thriced ..like u can play for 25 cents.50 cents etc one bet
U spin it..if u had made a combination..u won else ...u lose that bet .....
I had won some money too :p...

Now my q is that are there any similar type of free casino PC games for Ubuntu Linux or Windows ? If yes please suggest...


11 views and no reply ? windows pe hee bata do yaaro

kisi ne nahin bataye :x ..waise mujhe mil gaye both on win and linux ..here are they

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