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i need a mobile..urgently

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guys i need to buy a mobile...my budget is arnd 6-7k
the mibile shud hav mp3+camera...
so pls suggest the best bet for me..\
thanx in adavnce


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SLVR L7....best one.You can mod it easily.You can get it for Rs.7900 with bill & warranty.
There are SonyEricson mobiles also.But i wouldnt recommend as they have reception problems.


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ah thanxk guys
i cant go above 7k...
i think best in this is k510i may u suggest better?
or is it?
and i heard abt that lg phone hav poor battery...morever wats the memory of of c2500


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buddy i support kumarmohit
c2500 comes @5990
has 64mb or 60 mb memory
digital cam (well not that bad does the work)
fm radio (i didnt find where the loudspeaker was)
finally usb pendrive a really handy tool

u can also check a 2nd hand 6600 ( if u trust the ppl sellin it its 5.5k max 4 a second hand 1)
meets all ur criteria but lacks fm)
well choice is urs and urs

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SE Z550i will come for around 8k.It has 1.3 megapixel camera,expandable memory.


Dont go for second hand 6600. its camera and mp3 both sucks.
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