1. R

    Gaming Mouse - Budget 6k to 7k

    I'm looking to a purchase a professional grade gaming mouse which is suitable for small size hand and with palm grip. I hardly could find any mouse which is comfortable for my hand as most were a bit big for my palm size even though they were marked small. I found Zowie ZA13 to be a good fit for...
  2. I

    Gaming Monitor Suggestion Needed!

    Hi, I mainly play CS:GO on my PC. And I want to upgrade my current monitor. I get around 100 fps on my PC. I need a monitor with least flickering and a smooth viewing experience. My budget is 10k. BenQ monitors are preferred. Thank You! :D
  3. J

    Monitors Monitors Monitors

    Hello Friends i have a samsung s24d390 monitor and want to upgrade to a 27inch monitor, now lots of debate on the 1920x1080p and 2560x1440p resolutions. Lots of good monitors in the sweet spot of 1920x1080p from LG and Benq. Is it wiser to go by 1920x1080p because of low price than the higher...
  4. GhorMaanas

    UPS - APC BR1100-CI v/s BX1100-CI

    Hello everyone, I need a UPS for my PC, which has the following components: - Asus P8Z68 V-pro motherboard - Intel i7 2600k processor - 8GB DDR3 RAM - MSI N580GTX Lightining III GPU (to be changed to either Strix GTX 970 or AMD r9 280 soon) - Asus Xonar DX sound card - Canon Pixma MP280...
  5. R

    Want to know the sell price for my 24 inch monitor

    Hi all, I have a 24 inch Benq E2400HD monitor. Would like to know how much i can sell this for? Its 4 years old. Running like new. Everything is perfect. Reason is i already have another Benq EW2440L and looking to buy another one of the same model for my multi monitor setup. Thanks...
  6. U

    Benq Monitor VW2245Z

    1. Budget? Upto Rs.6500 2. Display type and size? LCD and upto 22 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Internet browsing, Medium gaming, office work 4. Ports Required? DVI and VGA 5. Preferred choice of brand? Any 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? Benq VW2245Z as this is a VA panel and...
  7. D

    Second Monitor

    Hi, I have a Dell S2240L as my primary monitor for gaming and work. I don't like the glossy screen of it. I am looking to add one more monitor to my setup to increase my productivity. I am a web developer and I will love to code on one and see my output/debug. I have searched my options but...
  8. M

    Benq Warranty statement confusing and misleading!PLZ Share your experience!

    Benq says that they offer warranty from the manufacturing date or Date of invoice WHICHEVER COMES EARLIER Does this mean i lose 1 year warranty if the product was manufactured in 2013? From Benq Website LCD Monitors 39 months from the date of manufacturing or 36 months from the date of...
  9. M

    Benq Warranty buying from Infibeam

    I want to buy a new Benq Monitor,Infibeam has great offers.Snapdeal and Flipkart does not ship to my location. Have anyone brought monitors from Infibeam and does Benq Honour the Warranty for products bought from there? Plus Benq offer warranty from date of manufacture,will i get an old...
  10. M

    Buying BENQ from Infibeam-Warranty Question-URGENT PLEASE HELP :)

    I want to buy a new Benq Monitor,Infibeam has great offers.Snapdeal and Flipkart does not ship to my location. Have anyone brought monitors from Infibeam and does Benq Honour the Warranty for products bought from there? Plus Benq offer warranty from date of manufacture,will i get an old...
  11. S

    Suggest Gaming monitor under Rs. 15000

    Suggest me a monitor for gaming under Rs. 15000 I'm thinking of buying BenQ GL2460HM or BenQ RL2455HM.. Are they good?
  12. R

    BenQ launches XL-Z Gaming Monitors at Bangalore

    BenQ Launches the new range of XL-Z Gaming Monitors co-developed with professional gamers. Exclusive: BenQ To Launch Two New Gaming Monitors Under RL Series at Rs 15,000 - Gizbot *
  13. D

    Please help me pick one of these 27" monitors

    Every time I think of buying a monitor, I get confused amidst so many thoughts and models. However, this time I want to buy it within this month as I'm planning to donate my (very) old love 17" LG Flatron in upcoming social cause at my office. ===My Requirements=== SIZE - 27" Full HD PURPOSE...
  14. R

    BenQ Launches its XL-Z Series Gaming Monitors (144Hz) (1ms)

    BenQ, launched its XL – Z Series Gaming Monitors yesterday at Xtreme Gaming E-Sports Stadium located at New Delhi, Ramesh Nagar. The XL-Z monitors are targeted for the FPS-Genre Gamers. The Monitors are Full HD Display monitors with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, 1ms (GTG) response time...
  15. A

    24 inch gaming monitor

    Please suggest a compatible, efficient & worth the money Monitor for the below rig ? I little tight on the budget so please give me options with reasons. it will help me understand and make choices accordingly. As far as my reaserach goes i think i should be looking at 24inch IPS display 1-2ms &...
  16. doomgiver

    Need a computer monitor around the 7-8k mark.

    shortlist : Dell IN1930 Dell IN2030M (OOS on flipkart) Dell S2240L (waaay out of budget, at 9.5k, but if there is a dealer in delhi who sells for less, do let me know) you know what everyone needs, biggest screen in budget with highest picture quality. also, hdmi/dvi are important...
  17. CATALU/\/A

    Benq RL2455HM 1080p

    Hello All, I was planning to buy Benq RL2455HM 1080p monitor for my gaming PC, as it has 1ms [GTG] Response Time. Its available at 12.7k+5% (VAT). Should I go for it? If not what are my other options...
  18. P

    LED Gaming Monitor for 10 -11 K.No Dell S2240 pls..!!!

    I m in for a LED HD monitor at a budget of 10-11 and the monitor size not exceeding 23 inches with 1920 *1080p. My usage is mostly gaming and movies.I have a Asus GTX660TIDC II TOP and I am currently playing on a 5 year old HP monitor with 1440*900 resolution:-( .I am in an urgency cos my...
  19. N

    BenQ GW2250 vs Acer S240HL

    I am confused as to which monitor to go for. BenQ GW2250 ACER S240HL 21.5 Inch 24 Inch VA Panel TN Panel No HDMI HDMI Rs.9000/- Rs.10500/- My requirement is a monitor for PC which would be connected to DTH box for family entertainment. I am confused because BenQ is a VA panel and...
  20. R

    Samsung vs BenQ | LCD vs LED

    Hi, I am getting a good deal on a used Benq V2410 with 1yr warranty. Currently I am using a Samsung B2230. If I sell the Samsung for Rs x, I can buy the BenQ for Rs 2x. I am confused if its worth the money. Is there a significant difference on image quality? Or should I wait for a year or so...
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