Budget 40 inch TV

Which brand has more life and more reliable in TV's?

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Right off the assembly line
Budget: Around 40k
Brand: Sony/Samsung/LG
Size: 40 inch minimum
Features: Full HD, screen mirroring, WiFi not mandatory
Make: 2015
Most importantly should last atleast 10 years

Friends based on above requirements please suggest me a good TV of 2015 make. Planningto but this month end.

Also one question to Banglaore shoppers: I often here Bajaj 0% EMI. Are they really 0%. Any experience anybody?


Cyborg Agent
Check out paytm for good offer. max 9999 rupees cashback in Paytm wallet.
Sony R series 40 incher could be sourced around 39.5k after cashback. There is Toshiba L5400 Android TV too around 35k. Samsung & LG models too available.


I've shortlisted Panasonic TH-42C410D with 3 yrs warranty @42k. After cashback it will be @ 32k effective pricing. Waiting for it to restock.
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