1. Chetan1991

    How to find current user needs / niches?

    I read somewhere key to a successful start-up is to fulfill a problem whose solution a lot of people need or some people need badly. How do you find out what people need right now, and how do you get in touch with them?
  2. eggman

    Yamaha FZ-s rear tyre badly punchered.

    Yamaha FZ-s rear tyre badly punctured. Damn!! My Yamaha FZ-s rear tyre got badly punctured today. Somehow got a mechanic, after analyzing it we found that the nail has bent in L shape and punctured the side too. Only option he said was to make it a tube tyre and in desperation I just did...
  3. Shah

    Help required on Domain Registration

    I want to register a domain name. But, I don't have any Credit/Debit Card. Is there any other ways to register a domain name through Money Order or something like that> Please help me. I want to register a domain badly...!
  4. IronCruz

    Corel Draw x3 Emergency

    Hi i tried to install corel draw x3 on my Windows XP sp2. But i get this kind of error please help me out. I want this software very badly.
  5. V

    Dell 2209WA

    Hi, Where can i buy a Dell 2209WA 22" monitor in INdia, can someone help with the price and store. Need this particular model badly! Any similar alternative models with IPS LCD pannel! Thnks 4 the help:)
  6. windchimes

    Embeding images in mail..?? Any idea?

    Is there any way to embed images (like here) in mail accounts say in yahoomail...?? I need it badly
  7. debsuvra

    Digit logo is badly slapped in!

    I was looking in the logo carefully and found that it was slapped in carelessly here. Please take a look What do you people think about the logo ?
  8. N

    Gears of War

    Hi, does anyone knows pc requiremnets of Gears of War PC version, also anyone in gurgaon or delhi got this already, i want it badly...
  9. M

    VISTA driver needed

    vista driver for FRONTECH JIL-2216 e-cam is needed badly. i cant use this device. please help me anyone.
  10. A

    PLEASE HELP!!! Flashget problem

    Well i read on the flashget site that there is an option to change the segment sizes i.e how big each jet shoudd be, BUT!! In Options>>General there isn't such an option, neither is it in any of other categories....... And each segement is about 1 or 2mb thats all... it kinda is slowing downing...
  11. I

    All Senior People.. Need ur Help Badly XP Problem

    Hi All, I have windiws XP. Somehow i forgot my logon password. There is only one a/c on my XP. How do i recover it?? Need ur help badly. Please Help.
  12. ash2win

    Please visit My Website and comment

    Please Visit my website and post your comments,suggestions,opinions and scraps(orcut) to me.i am badly expecting it!.plz....i want 2 improve
  13. arnab2kool

    What is POP/SMTP address of HOTMAIL and YAHOO?

    What is POP/SMTP address of HOTMAIL and YAHOO? I need it badly. Thank you.
  14. tanush_89

    Plz Its Really Urgent

    hI GUYS, I want to open S60v2 applications/games on the new S60v3 phones. Can anyone help me ??? I want to know it pretty badly
  15. hdsk.23

    D-link Modem

    Hello everybody i am having the D-link DFM-560ES data/fax/voice modem any one who is having its cd please contact me i need it badly......i have lost my cd it is having bundled softwares which i need
  16. nikku12982

    any other way to access google page

    help help In our office google and orkut comes under restricted sites. There is any possible way to access these two sites because i badly need ..
  17. O

    source code sites needed

    friends i want to the address of sites that give source code of good softwares. i m on need of the badly. plz respond ASAP.
  18. J

    Help me to select a phone

    hey just help n71,n70,3250, se 810i which is good.i badly need a good mobile fne with good quality muzik with in17k range
  19. mario_pant

    How to revive my router password?

    i have forgotten my airtel broadband password and i need it very badly... now, i connect to the internet through the huawei smartAX MT880 which logs on automatically when started... i can see my password under the mask right there but cannot see it... please help... i really need it how to...
  20. I

    max payne 1 theme

    hi anyone got the max payne 1 theme song ? not max payne 2 and there are 2 versions...normal ones called Max Theme the other is Max Theme(short) any1 wants the short one i got that u can contact me...but i really badly want the long one its the one which comes in the main menu...i...
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