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  1. deadnoun

    How to back up MC 5 blackout.

    I have downloaded and playing modern combat. I need to transfer the game to my tab too. I don't need to download again, Because its around 1GB. I tried ShareIt but the game is only transferring not the additional downloads. Please show me some way. Thanks in advance.
  2. H2O

    Best 2G/3G connection in Bhubaneswar?

    Which is the best 2G and 3G connection in Bhubaneswar? And what is the average speed in both? I am using BSNL Broadband for primary purpose. I will be using the 2G/3G plan in my mobile just as a back-up or incase I'm outside. It will mostly be for browsing FB/Twitter and chatting in Skype(No...
  3. P

    APC ES 650 flashing Amber-Green with a beep

    My APC ES 650 back-up UPS, is constantly flashing Amber-Green when I turned it on today, and is not providing back-up which means, when I kill the power the UPS just switches off! Guys, what is the problem? Urgent help required!
  4. R


    I will be buying the corsair TX 850 V2 psu next month for my nvidia 580 gtx so can one of you will able to tell me how much capacity of ups is required for smooth running and back-up
  5. ico


    Some basic information about Steam Steam is a content delivery platform developed by Valve. You get a Steam account. You buy a game and it is tied to your account. You can download it as many times you want and from anywhere. No CD or DVD required. You are allowed to take back-up of you games...
  6. s18000rpm

    Opera - Password Wand - How to move?

    I'm going to re-install Windows XP, so i want to save the Opera password settings, so that i dont have to re-enter all user ID, p/w all over again. can you guys help me out. Right now i saved the "Profile" folder from "Opera" directory. (without cache) bump =-=-=-==-=-===-=-=-=-=-...
  7. linardni

    How to back-up outlook express messages?

    How may I back-up the messages of outlook express so that I may restore them after reinstalling the OS.
  8. kerthivasan

    How Will Back-up Site , Back-up Their Files?

    How Will The Back-up Site , Back-up Their Files..? And What Special Features They Include To Protect The Files.? What Will Happen If A Bomb Is Dropped In The Physical Location Of The Site?
  9. C

    Tune-Up Utilities 2006

    I have been getting this message Microsoft Windows XP Professional [Restore] Microsoft Windows XP Professional [ Tune Up Back-up ] [Restore] Microsoft Windows XP Professional [ Tune Up Back-up ] [Restore] Microsoft Windows XP Professional [ Tune Up Back-up ] I get this four options...
  10. harish_21_10

    Stuck in FarCry...help

    Hello techies,i need ur help for completing a stage in FarCry.If anyone remembers,in the game we will have to destroy three communication tower's of the enemy and then the back-up which will be on a ship.What i want is after destroying the back-up on the ship we will need to destroy the...
  11. nil_3

    DVD movie back-up

    How can I create a back-up DVD by taking two different movies from two different DVD discs so that the newly created DVD will be menu-based and the sub-titles of the initial DVD movies will remain intact? Please mention if there is any free software available. Also please let me know whether...
  12. expertno.1

    Best Back-Up Program ?

    i want the best backup utility for my pc at present i don't have any backup utility suggest me any one but the best !
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