1. remrow

    Making Images from HTML tables

    Making images from HTML tables. Did you got it ? If you haven't then it is like using no images but using clean HTML tables to make an image. So I turned out to a pretty looking picture from Yahoo Answers Avatar, an avatar of someone that was 48 X 48 resolutions. You guys might be thinking it...
  2. iMav

    [WIP] New Wallpaper

    SP1 RC out vista set to rise again ... My avatar being turned into a wallpaper ... howz it guys ... want some help :oops: actually the problem is that im not getting an orb like the 1 i have in my avatar :( what say u?
  3. satyamy

    Avatar Avatar Avatar

    Edited by me: the site is *www.asokaonline.com I was searching My Harddisk & Sorting My data & Found I my colelction that I have collected more than 6000 Avatar or (Mobile Wallpaper) So If any of you guys need any kind of avatar than you can request it here Pls let me have your comment...
  4. vish786

    my avatar looks dirty??

    hey guys i hav a bit problem with my avatar... look at it.... its not showing the image properly.... its not clear... wat shall i do... i also tried to uploading from site but it looks the same.... wat 2 do??:)
  5. [A]bu

    How to change Avatar

    I have my Avatar but don't know how to change... I tried in my CP but also it says invalid... there is a place for entering URL and i dont know
  6. piyush gupta

    Rate the avatar above yours

    I think title says it all so what r ru waiting for guys? rate my avtar
  7. nikhilrao

    How 2 resize AVATAR ?

    HOW to resize avatar ? :confused: I have a gif not-animated avatar of size 90 pixel x 190 pixel vertical. How can I resize it, so that it can be used in this forum ? i think i must make it under 80 x 80 pixel, no ? Can I use MSPaint ? Or is there any automated site where i can upload it and get...
  8. nix

    problem with posting:no smileys, no avatar displayed

    i'm not seeing no smileys when i post on this forum...also, i have already chosen an avatar, but its not being displayed...it fully complies to all avatar rules...but still not displayed? pls help..
  9. Third Eye

    I Can't Upload Avatar? What ?

    Whenever i try to upload avatar it says invalid file and the image that i use for avatar is jpeg,80X60pixels and has 2.3KB size.I have deleted my old batista avatar.I think this is a forum problem,i have given you some screenshot,do guys also facing this strange problem ?
  10. knight17

    Avatar problem:Reducing the size of .gif avatar

    Hello all, I need your help to reduce the size of this avatar to less that 10 KB. So that i can host it on digit as my new avatar.Can any one suggest any idea for that? Thanks in Advance knight17
  11. KoRn

    avatar not displayed

    hey guys i had an avatar and it was displayed just yesterday whn i changed the avatar in my profile and i checks my posts there is no avatar i already saved the changes wats worng?? BTW:the isze is 80x80 pixels jus in case...... dis is so bugging!!! :x even my signature doesnt come!!!! :roll:
  12. V


    how to place photo in this AVATAR?
  13. dreams

    Irfanview Help..

    Hi all.. I want 2 make a video avatar.. i.e., a scene frm a mov as a avatar.. many told it can b done usin Irfanview.. i tried but nothin works.. can any1 help me how 2 do it.. TIA
  14. R

    how to create our own avatar picture??

    how to create our own avatar picture??Is there any software if so state it also...
  15. N

    Avatar is not displayed.

    My Avatar is not being displayed in the forum. I tried a lot by uploading directly from my HDD and by posting to a website both. What to do?
  16. huzaifa b arab

    How can i make my own animated 80x80 avatars......

    Guys, Help me out to make my own animated avatar... :roll:
  17. E

    How to get that moving Avatar?

    Hi buddies i have seen that many of you guys have moving avatars. Even i want to have a cool avatar like u guys. Plz plz plz tell where to get one. bye and thanks in advance. Elitecoder
  18. vandit

    can anyone resize my avatar

    can anyone resize this avatar for me to use in digit forum plz...... it should remain animated ( I am a bit lazy to do it myself ).....
  19. F


  20. R

    HELP!!! Re::avatar

    how to upload avatar??? :roll:
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