1. N

    add avatar

    Can anyone please help me out in adding an avatar to this forum. I am not finding it out here.
  2. P

    How to Inset a Avatar Here?

    Hi guys,while trying to upload a image for my avatar here at tdf i get a Invalid file Error any help on this topic?
  3. bssunilreddy

    My Avatar in Digit not showing

    Hai, When ever i try to upload a image into my Avatar in CP section its saying its failed to upload,Please help me in this regard...
  4. sam9s

    [Want to Buy] Avatar 3D Bluray ...

    as the title says, if anyone has it and willing to sell ......
  5. root.king

    XPERIA Z2 (avatar) rumors or real

    source : Specs leak for the Sony Xperia Z2, code named Avatar A source claiming to be close to the situation (no, not the Jersey Shore cast member) revealed what he says are the specs to the Sony Xperia Z2(C770X). The phone is code named Avatar and is equipped with a 5.2 inch IGZO Triluminuous...
  6. Ironman

    Cant find a Suitable Avatar for my Name , Can you help me ?

    I cant find a suitable & Cool avatar picture for my Profile in TDF can you help me find one !! You know my UserName Right ?:mrgreen:
  7. lakeport

    Hey guys...

    Hey, i just signed up, and just wanted to say hi to the community. Hey can anyone tell me how to upload an avatar?
  8. M

    Favorite movie

    Hi friends Tell me the name of your favorite movie.These are my favorite movies -Notebook -Titanic -Avatar -300 -Spider-man -Harry potter
  9. evilcrafter

    how to add avatar?

    I cannot find any a place to add avatar in the control panel, where is it??
  10. bubusam13

    Is iBall a good company ?

    I need the answer to this coz I'm planning to buy another headphone for listening music in silence. iBall is giving their so called high end headsets like Tarang in a low price. iBall will be good and economical or creative or logitech ?:twisted...
  11. zubair.s.kazi


    can sumone tell me how to create an avatar out here??? i cant find it anywhere... thanks in advance oh and how do i change this right off the assembly line thingy under my username?? thanks again
  12. NitrousNavneet


    How can I add my avatar on forum.
  13. sam9s

    AVATAR BR SteelBook Edition - My Exclusive Review

    Finally got my AVATAR BlueRay Steel Book edition. Following is my small exclusive review...... The package includes. 1. Steel Book Cover for the discs 2. Online access to exclusive AVATAR program which includes a. Interviews b. Unseen footage c...
  14. Amir.php

    opera mini 5 beta launch

    opera recently launches new version of their super browser- opera mini 5 beta. Download and test this browser in it's new awesome avatar from opera mini site.
  15. eggman

    Can't change my avatar!!

    As the title says, When I tried to change my Avatar it says UPLOAD OF IMAGE FAIL. This msg was also displayed even befor, but Image uploaded successfully back then! Is it just me, or other also face same problem!
  16. amitabhishek

    Can't see my avtar pic.?

    Is this a new bug? No matter what I do my avatar image refuses to turn up? Any ideas? :???:
  17. connexion

    how to change message below the avatar

    this is a question regarding the forum itself. i didn't where else to put it. how do i change the sentence after my avatar. i.e right now its right off the assembly line.
  18. cooldudie3

    AIM Chatroom Available for Thinkdigit Users

    Hey guys!! I have created a chatroom just like the IRC one on AIM. You can do quite a lot. You don't need to download anything at all. Just got to *chat.aim.com/chats/people/thinkdigit-forum-users and log in to AIM. You need to create a account if you don't have one. you can show your...
  19. cooldudie3

    Rate the avatar above yours(refresh)

    I don't seem to be able to find the previous similar thread, so I'll start a new thread. So, somebody please rate my avatar!! Have fun!!:p;):D:o:):cool::p;):D:o:):cool::p;):D
  20. Most Wanted

    My own Avatar

    I want to make my own animated avatar. can anyone tell me how can i do it?:confused:
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