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  1. N

    Need a Software : Help Digitians !!

    Hello friends, Plz help me out of this problem.. I need a software to solve my this problem as follows. I am having 3 Programs with there exe files and installation files. Now i want To create a DVD ,which Gives me an AUTORUN feature , to run these Programs singly and install them one by one...
  2. Maddd

    Very slow autorun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi !! I have lenovo g550 with 3gb ram and intel c2d 2.2ghz. os: window 7 ultimate 32bit whenever i insert a usb drive it shows in my computer but Autorun process is slow ,and it takes about 15 minute to autorun,, same problem is with micromax usb modem... please help....whats the problem
  3. N

    Presentation autorun help

    Hi.. I am stuck, again :-; I have created a Powerpoint presentation in PPTX format, with Microsoft office 2010. Now, I want to use the presentation as Product Demonstration or E-catalogue. I want to make a autorun cd which will automatically launch the presentation. What are the ways...
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    Autorun Removal

    autorun has infected new computer with mcafee AV. the autorun registry was disabled. there are folders RECYCLER, selma and gorenjee in every drive. autorun.inf in every drive bajrami,exe in selma folder please tell a removal tool for this.
  5. quan chi

    what kind of originality is this.

    i have a doubt.\ i went to alpha to get rainbow six vegas but that stupid @$$hole standing at the counter told he does not have it neither splinter cell chaos theory. they have splinter cell triology collection only.since its a slow game i have heard therefore i neglected that and bought...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Autorun Not Getting Disabled....Plz Help

    Hiiii frndz, I disabled autorun/autoplay from gpedit.msc and even used programs like tweakUI, TuneUp. But still my removable drives autorun. I dont face this problems with my other drives. Specially my External HDD, Pen Drives and DVD's get autoruned. I hav another query more. Is Autorun and...
  7. A

    Autorun Tutorial

  8. hjpotter92

    Enabling Autoruns

    Well, my autorun has been disabled, and I couldn't find a solution to it in the MS Troubleshoot... So just put it here.
  9. I

    Autourn Menu Creator from Drive Content

    Hi... is there ne s/w u kno of which can create autorun menu from the content ..or atleast generate an HTML page from the Content... thnks
  10. anshul

    HTML page on LAN

    I wish to use an autorun script whenever someone accesses my PC on LAN via my IP address. I want to open an HTML document which will further direct him to my shared resources. Where do I keep my autorun file and will it suffice???
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    Tojan or Malware?? Help !!

    Hello, When i inserted a flash drive, the avast AV detected VBS:Malware-gen in autorun.inf. Every attempt to delete repair and move to chest failed. I disabled autorun feature on all drives using microsoft TWEAK UI. Finally I used an untested application flash disinfector, which solved the...
  12. DizitalNovice

    Flash Help Required

    I want to add a button in my flash movie which will change the desktop wallpaper. like it does in the digit autorun UI. How can it be done?
  13. tweety_bird_bunny

    disable autorun on click

    i hav disabled autorun when i plug in any pendrive, but still if i click on pendrive icon in my computer, it autoruns ....is there any way to disable dis feature also?? i mean if i shud click on pendrive icon then ,explore option should be selected instead of autorun.
  14. emailaatif786

    CD Autorun for Linux

    Just as there is autorun.inf used in Windows, which contain: [open]=setup.exe [icon]=setup.exe,0 BUT if the CD is used in LINUX, there is no icon. WHY? Please help me in Creating Autorun file for Linux, Such that CD should contain icon530.ico as Icon? Do I have to put two Autorun...
  15. K

    ur photo

    Do u want to place a ur photo as a icon in C,D,E,F drives Here it goes Open ur photo in paint and save that photo in some other location in ico format and save as type:24bitmap.save this file in c: drive Now open notepad and type the following [AUTORUN] icon= (ur photo name).ico...
  16. a_to_z123

    Yahoo! Messenger Autorun

    Hello Guyz! Well I'm posting in this Forum after a really long long time... Anyways its good to be back. So straightaway to the point - * I'm using Yahoo! Messenger 8 since a long time. * The thing I want to know is that whenever I run Y! Msgr it creates an entry in the registry for...
  17. A

    Cd's do not autorun

    I don't know why but the cds do not autorun aftr som tym after fresh installs.....i had reinstalled windows and then cds autoran for som tym but aftr that they stopped autorunning again...does anyone know the solution??
  18. Tushar.bar


    i have an external hdd(segate internal+techcom casing,160gb,5Partition ). Every time i connect it to my computer my computer start autorun for every Partition .how to stop it? I dont want 2 stop autorun service, just donot want autorun for my external hdd.
  19. I

    Make uown Autorun and much more....

    i do not...
  20. rockthegod

    CD/DVDs Stopped Autorunning !!!! Please Help !!!

    I am facing this very weird problem. All my CD/DVD drives have stopped their autorun feature. :( This includes all my virtual drives (Daemon Tools 4/Alcohol 120 %) too. Until yesterday everything was workin fine when suddenly this happened. Whenever I insert/mount any CD/DVD, the icon/label...
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