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  1. Ronnie012

    Need an assembled Pc. Budget~30k

    Guys i need an assembled pc at 30 k budget range. Should be able to handle few 2016 - 2017 games at medium(or low ) settings should have a decent processor to handle Photoshop and other graphic softwares. P.s. I have never owned a desktop before nor assembled one. So is it advisable to go for...
  2. Ronnie012

    Budget Laptop / Desktop ~ 30k range

    Motherboard of my earlier laptop crashed. Looking at the steep price of replacement(somewhere around 6000 rs) i am thinking about going for an assmebled pc instead(or a budget laptop). Now here are my requirements - 1. Screen size 14-16 inch for laptop. 16 -19 for Deaktop. 2. Processor...
  3. D

    New pc

    Guys i need to buy a new pc Budget around 60 k. Gaming pc. And not assembled.. can you guys suggest me any of that you know of?
  4. N

    Assembling a new PC rig in Mumbai-from dealers

    Hi I have been reading the various configs posted in various posts. Do these dealers in Lamington Road in Mumbai assemble the pc also I mean I can take a suitable config or a config after posting my requirements and buy and get it assembled from the shop where all the components are bought. Is...
  5. G

    Require advice from expert to make one assembled pc within 15000rs

    Hi Frds, Please advice i am in process of purchasing one assembled PC for basic home use like internet surfing, ms office use. Problem is that I have no knowledge about pc assembling or configuration. I want that you expert please advice me in details by keeping in mind about my...
  6. M

    Assemble or Pre-built

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: 1. Programming - Eclipse, multiple JVM instances, one or two...
  7. sahil1033

    Assembling CPU for the first time, facing problems, help ASAP

    Hi there, I'm actually replacing my old cabby and old PSU. So, I assembled my CPU, everything was going fine, infact I assembled successfully but when I turned on the system, continuous 4 beep sound is all I could hear, help me ASAP as I'm getting really annoyed.
  8. N

    Assembled PC Configuration within 20-21 K

    Hi, I need a detail on assembled PC configuration within around 20K excluding the following accessories: i) UPS ii) Monitor iii) Speaker P.N. - This is based on domestic purpose and eligible to consume updated s/w including Photoshop and other Coding tools. Thanks in advance for...
  9. S

    Best buy assembled pc for 3d rendering

    Hi, I am an architect and currently using dell 1520 Core2 Duo T7250 2GHz, 2gb RAM with GeForce 8400M GS 1Gb Dispaly adaptor. I have to upgrade to a desktop as the laptop is too slow for what i intend to do. I am doing 3d rendering, graphics and a bit of animation. With very basic knowledge...
  10. J

    mac OS in desktop pc

    Sir/Madam can I install Mac OSx in my desktop not assembled from mac recently i installed Microsoft 7
  11. ankit.kumar010203

    How To Make Assembled TABLET???

    How To Make Assembled TABLET??? CAN I MAKE ASSEMBLED TABLET......!!!:|:|
  12. S

    [Query] Needed Reliable Vendor TO get the PC Assembled in Nehru Place New Delhi

    Hi All, Kindly Let me know any vendor Details to Get System Assembled in Nehru Place New Delhi with reliable after sale service. I also want to dispose of my Old CPU as well any Pointer on the same will also be quite helpful
  13. P

    Not getting the desired performance.

    Hi, I am here to discuss some problem with a system I have recently assembled. The system was assembled for research purpose of (chemistry) molecular bond and other property analysis. It runs on a software(gaussian) which take several days (upto 45 days ) to complete an analysis of a molecule...
  14. A

    Best Desktop upto 25k to 27 K?

    I wish to buy new desktop around 25k to 27 K .Which brand should I choose .My Purpose of using pc will mainly be Oracle Programming ,Internet Surfing, Multimedia,photoshop etc . Lenovo ,Dell,HP ,HCL or assembled which will be best .please also suggest me the best configuration for this.In case...
  15. R

    Assembled PC

    Hello.... :-) I am planning to buy an assembled PC. I use software like AE, Premier, Maya, 3D Max, PS, Illustrator, etc. Could I get some advises about Video Card. Sound Card, Mother card, Ram, Processor, and such :?: My budget is 30,000 (INR) (30,000 Indian rupees = 608.88 U.S...
  16. deepak_ds

    Different Assembled PCs

    Can you give me good assembled configurations of a PC for: i) Casual Gaming ii) Mediocre Gaming iii) Hardcore Gaming
  17. A

    Is 2 GB the limit for Win 7 *32 bit

    How to make use of my full 4GB RAM ? I have been using only 2GB since I assembled my system. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. B

    Assembled PC under 15K

    Hello. I am planning to buy an assembled PC mainly to watch movies and perhaps to play games (e.g, NEED FOR SPEED). Thus I need a good graphics card and sound card and reasonably good RAM and of course a good monitor. My budget is under 15K. I have speakers. Please suggest me something...
  19. A

    pc assembled

    hiiiiiii there..... this amaan form mp.....bro!!! please help me out in my gaming pc assembling my budget is 60000.....
  20. sona

    Best place to buy PC in New Delhi

    can anyone tell me which would be the best place to buy an assembled PC in new delhi.....???
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