1. dashang

    asp mvc : handling different session for different tabs in web application

    How can i use different session in different tabs in asp net mvc. I want session Id to be available in that Tab only. and session should get expired in 14min. and also session should sustain in both tabs differently . I know it can be done by getting tab id from browser but dont know...
  2. dashang

    Using amadeus web service

    Hello, i have subscribed to amadeus web service. Its used for flight, hotel booking etc . I have to build mvc app and connecting with web service . but the documentation of amadeus is bad and generalized and also i didnt found much on google. Is anyone is aware of using amadeus...
  3. C

    Classic ASP in IIS8 on Windows 8

    Hello, I am a XII std. IT student. In out IT syllabus, unfortunately there is only classic asp with vbscript. For running the programs I installed IIS 8 but whenever I try to run any asp file, I get this error 500. I tried using the same file on IIS 5 on VMWare and Win XP, it runs perfectly...
  4. Siddharth_1

    Code displayed on opening ASP page in browser

    I dont know why but ASP isnt working properly in web browsers(IE, Firefox, Safari). ASP code is displayed in the browser instead of the output. I didnt do anything to any ASP settings since last time it was working. Even a simple code like this isnt woking: Tried clearing cache using...
  5. B

    .NET on Symbian

    I have a Nokia E5 and want to open pages containing ASP and .net code. Please suggest freeware for .net framework on symbian. Thanks
  6. deepakgates

    Free asp hosting

    Can Anyone temmi any free asp hosting services... also im trying phishing (just educational purpose) but i cant find a place to upload my page.. all services say they gonna report cyber crime an all.. is there a place just for ethical hacking learners thanks!!
  7. Sridhar_Rao

    Implementation of google's recaptcha with ASP

    A form in a html page (contact.htm) submits the data to asp script <form name="test" method="post" action="cdosys.asp"> This code was downloaded from Internet. I want to implement google lab's recaptcha on my form. I place the following code (as on their website) at the top of the page as...
  8. S

    c# problem

    i was trying to add a button column to the windows forms datagridview but i do not know the event that will be fired on clicking the button in asp it is the item command event but there is no such event in windows form datagridview please help
  9. C

    running asp pages in vista

    i have vista home premium with iis7 installed.i am learning asp.some simple asp pages are running fine but some like the one below give the error "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator. If you are the system administrator please...
  10. dreams

    Website + ASP

    already posted this thread in one bothered to even view starting it here.. hi, i am in the process of updating my companies website..all the pages in my website are having a extension .asp...for some reason my website works perfectly in IE..but if i open my website in...
  11. windchimes

    ASP or PHP

    I am incharge of shaping a new site for my organisation. As someone not so sure on behind the details I wish to know whether I should suggest PHP or ASP. Heard PHP is faster as well as more flexible . Wish to know the pros and cons and expert opinion.
  12. sharma_atul85

    PHP or ASP??

    hello frnz plz help me out!! I have undergone 6 months training in ASP.NET during B.Tech. but later on i did not get any job in .net then i joined a company which works in php although d pay scale is good enough but am not gettin comfortable with php... bt i came 2 knw that php is much better...
  13. ajaybc

    ASP or PHP - which is easy to learn

    Iam a complete beginner in web designing. Which of the two languages ASP and PHP is easy to learn? Please leave all ur hatred towards MS for a while and answer sincerely and help me.
  14. S

    integrating airways search

    hi i have an intresing thing to know i want to searchout the flights of different airways companies on my website like the way or searches i want to know to whom should i tie up with this please reply me soon i am using asp sorry for my english
  15. S

    How To Send Sms From The Site

    Hi Everyone, I want to know how can i send sms through a domain i want use my domain for this i don't want to visit to any other site....for example If some one register on the site i want to send a verfication to there mobile through sms from my domain i'll be using asp for this....or i...
  16. mad1231moody

    ASP doesn't opens files

    Hi friends, got a query and need solution as soon as I can. You may be knowing that in HTML if we use this When I click on open it opens WINDOWS folder in Explorer. But this is not the case in asp. Although when I bring the mouse on the link in ASP, I get the same path as I get in HTML,i.e But...
  17. evil_maverick

    Plz Help!! Prob With Asp!!

    hello ppl am new to asp!! and i was doing some asp prgmin (i hv win xp pro installed) but i am getting this err --> Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0046) Permission denied /MyWeb/cnt.asp, line 8 whenever am trying to run my application!! plz help!! i hv saved the...
  18. desertwind

    Working with Javascript and ASP

    I want to call a js function on the onClick event of a checkbox, which is written inside an asp snippet. this is the code Response.Write "<input type=checkbox name=idxModify checked=true value='"&objRS("ID")&"' onClick="checkValue()" >" it gives me "unexpected end of statement" error by...
  19. arnab2kool

    Can anybody make a database using this??

    Well I want to know that whether a database can be made by using ASP with MySQL? The database will be used in a website where users can download mp3 file (no songs download, piracy is a crime) after they click a on it. Is it possible by using ASP with MySQL? Do anybody knows this? I need a...
  20. H

    Internet Technology ASP

    Could somebody provide me with a good e-book on the web technologies.. viz., Javascript and ASP ( not ASP .net ).
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