1. P

    ASUS ROG GL552JX-DM087D, Core i7-4720HQ, vs HP ENVY Touch 15-k008TX-4th Gen Core i7

    Hi All, My question is which one to buy among the two? HP ENVY Touch 15-k008TX (Price 65 K approx) It has touch screen 16GB DDR3 ram(more) 8gb ssd i7 4510 ASUS ROG GL552JX (Price 60 K approx) No Touch screen(NA) 4GB DDR3 No SSD(NA) i7 4720(superior) I am not a gamer. Basically I need a...
  2. escape7

    Finalizing PC Build, need help to reduce costs

    Hey guys, I am upgrading from a MacBook Air to an Assembled PC. Budget is approx 86.5K. As I live/work in Singapore, the parts will be sourced from here and SGD 1800 is the max that I can stretch (Have done a conversion to Rupees). The build is a little over the budget but i'd have to wait a...
  3. masterkd

    32 inch TV for approx 30 k

    My dad's 15 years old TV is dead now. So we are planning to get a new one. Please suggest some for approx 30 k. Please note online purchase is not an option as he lives in a small town and service availability it's poor there. So have to go local.
  4. B

    New laptop purchase. Immediate help required!

    I apologize in advance for the extremely long post but I request you to please bear with me as i'm in a tight spot. I had previously purchased a vaio ( SVE15115EN ) with configurations 15 in screen ( don't really care about the screen size but I do need a full size keyboard ie with a number...
  5. N

    High end PC configuration suggestions required

    Hello, Can anyone help me in buying a high end PC. Kindly provide the exact model and approx price. Purpose:Server/gaming Around Rs70000 Below is what i have thought till now: Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-4770K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) Motherboard:Intel(yet to find a...
  6. bad_till_bones

    Need a wireless modem + router

    Need a wireless modem + router with decent range. Budget 3k approx.
  7. cacklebolt

    16 gb Nexus 4 from Taiwan(URGENT)

    My uncle is going to Taiwan and asked me whether i wanted anything. I am tempted by the Nexus 4 16 gb. Should i tell him to get one for me??? Also if he brings it here will he have to pay customs?? can he avoid customs by buying it there, opening the box and then bringing the phone in his...
  8. Radhesh Bhoot

    MircoSD Card --- Sandisk 32Gb Ultra Class10 or Samsung 32GB Class 10

    Hey Friends, I am planning to purchase a MicroSD card of 32GB... Wanted to know which one is best among the following 1. Sandisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 --- Max Read speed - 30MB/s, Write - ??? ---- approx Rs. 1500/- 2. Samsung 32GB Class 10 --- Max Read speed - 24MB/s, Write - 13MB/s ----...
  9. far

    Cheap wifi webcam to do survillence for home use

    Guys.. Suggest me a wifi webcam to do survillence outside our home at night.. will be fit in 1st floor balcony to monitor happenings in front gate...approx..10-15 mtrs distance.. will be used for budget..the cheaper the better..just need one cam only
  10. @

    HDDs, BW M2 & iPhone 4 cases & their reviews

    I never posted a show off thread here, thought of posting now since I recently got cases for iPhone 4. Thought why not post earlier bought stuff. I have also linked their reviews which I have written. WD Passport Essential SE - Bought in Jan 1st week. Approx 6.8K Seagate...
  11. S


    What is the approx per page printing cost in all in one printer with in rs. 3500.? In this range whether hp is better or not than epson.??????pls suggest.......
  12. B

    My PC Spec Sheet

    Hello All, I am going to buy my new pc in December so my father's friend works is going to make me one and here is what i want:- I will use it for games, animations, install lion, etc HERE GOES! MOTHERBOARD- ???? CPU- 4 core approx. 3.0 Ghz GRAPHICS CARD-1 GB HDD-500GB RAM-4GB...
  13. G

    phenom x4 910

    can anyone tell me the approx price of a phenom x4 910.
  14. B

    HD Media Player WD v/s Iomega v/s Amkette

    Am looking to buy HD media player...I have shortlisted Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link MX : Price: Rs 3,900 approx, WD TV live : Price: Rs 3,000 approx, Amkette Flash TV HD : Price: Rs 3,800 approx. Storage is not an problem for me as I have WD 1TB. And also I am not looking for LAN or WiFi...
  15. J

    Samsung galaxy note

    hi, Whats launch date in INdia? What will be approx price? Thx
  16. R

    Pc awfully slow while booting.

    HI, digit members my brother recently upgraded our old home pc, its current configurations are Pentium Dual core CPU e5700 @3.00 ghz 3.02ghz,1.99gb of RAM.Inspite of the upgrade the PC takes approx 5 mins(sometimes more) to boot up to desktop.Please suggest what to do.....I have already disabled...
  17. B

    good GPU for my config

    Dear Friends, i am looking for a great GPU for my config as: Pro AMD 1055T Mobo M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Corsair 2 GB * 4 (8 GB Memory) corsair 450 PSU 22" LCD AOC Monitor (will upgrade in future with 3D LCD approx 40") 500 GB * 3 HDD please suggest a Good GPU in budget is max 20000/- which...
  18. S

    Which PSU to Buy For AMD Phenom X4 965B.E.

    hi, My Frd want to Buy PSU for his system he getting config as AMd phenom x4 965 b.e. 4Gb ram kingston Asus mobo No graphics card till now but can buy in future 2 DVD writers 2-3 Internal drives SATA (one old one new) options are: Corsair Builder Series 430W Power Supply...
  19. M

    socket775 gigabyte mobo

    Product Name- gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L Expected Price- 3200/- +SHIPPNG Time of Purchase-23/11/09 Remaining Warranty19months approx Purchase Invoice Available Product Condition- Excellent Product Location-kolkata
  20. A

    To all those who think Airtel 3g doesn't rock

    Airtel Flexishield 3g 1.25 GB Rs.675 2GB Rs.675 + Rs.75 = Rs.750 Rs.100 per GB after you reach 1.25 GB @ Rs.675 @ 3G speeds. Till you reach Rs.2000, you get 3G speeds, till that time you would have used 14GB @ 3G for Rs.2000. Either enjoy free very slow surfing for the days remaining of the...
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