1. iMav

    MS starts site for Win Mobile App Developers

    If you are interested in building mobile applications on the Windows Mobile platform, then you've got to go here, a new site about building Windows Mobile applications. * Interestingly, if you install Visual Studio 2008, you'll notice that you have all of...
  2. iamtheone

    why is this happenind??SOS SOS....urgent help required

    from the past few days i am getting this strange problem which i never encoutered before.when trying to run applications or anything,a message props up The system DLL user32.dllwas relocated in memory.The application will not run properly.the relocation occured because...
  3. manistar

    applications and games for nokia 5610

    hey can anuone share with me where can i get applications and games for nokia 5610.. i need a application like office and folder lock and statergy games note: nokia 5610 is s40 regards mani G
  4. RCuber

    iTunes Alternative to sync iPod

    I have a 30 GB video iPod, and im currently using iTunes I want to know the different music managment applications which are avaiable supporting ipod. I also want to know about the linux alternatives. :))
  5. iMav

    iPhone SDK Apps are still controlled by Apple

    well we all jumped around when we read that apple will be coming out with a sdk for developing app s for the iphone and the ipod touch but guys hold ur horses jobs has actually pulled off a jobs here- the applications developed using the sdk and before being released will have to have a apple...
  6. djmykey

    An alternate to Nero

    Hello all, I have been using Nero fro quite sometime since v4. Now version 8 is out there and when I tried it my machine conked off. Actually Nero became too heavy just as all the other applications. So my question here is, is there any alternative program to my beloved Nero that is light...
  7. hullap

    Giveaway of the Day - MultiSet(100$ soft)

    SOURCE: * Want to create a WindowsXP installation disk that will automatically install the OS Windows without asking questions about username, product key, time and locale settings? At the same time your favorite applications are automatically installed...
  8. CadCrazy

    Sabeer Bhatia Intros Live Documents

    True to all the buzz for the last couple of days, Sabeer 'Hotmail' Bhatia has gone and launched "Live Documents", described as a 'hybrid online-offline Office suite of applications. The launch was announced today by InstaColl, the Bangalore-based software product company co-founded by Sabeer...
  9. praka123

    KDE 4 is almost ready to go

    Nov. 21, 2007 KDE e.V, the nonprofit organization behind the popular KDE desktop environment, has announced the immediate availability of the first release candidate for its next major release: KDE 4.0. With this release candidate, the majority of KDE 4's components are almost...
  10. abhishek66

    Which applications on ur mobile???

    Which all applications have you currently installed on your mobile??? i have office suite, media safe, divx player, and ultimate voice recorder
  11. mad1231moody

    Which platform

    Hey there. I own a Fly 2040Lite mobile. I want to know that on what platform this mobile is built on, for eg Symbian,Windows etc. I need to know that because, for downloading softwares I will need the platform on which they are built. And not many applications work that are Java based. So if I...
  12. Island Dog

    SoundPackager 1.0 Released

    Today, Stardock released SoundPackager 1.0. SoundPackager makes customizing your sound experience in Windows easy. It works by allowing users to download and distribute pacakges of sound schemes and apply them to their system. SoundPackager is a free download. It costs $19.95 to register or...
  13. alsiladka

    Researcher: Leopard's Firewall is a Mess

    Source - Neowin and Infoworld (Full Article) I wonder if he was paid by MS :rolleyes:
  14. narangz

    orkut opens to developers

    The orkut team continually tries to build new features based on your feedback -- features that help you better express yourself and communicate with friends. But no matter how hard we work, we can't build features fast enough for you. So to bring you as many new features as possible, today we're...
  15. lywyre

    Mozilla takes on MS Silverlight and Adobe AIR

    Source: * Edit: MS Silverlight: * Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime): *
  16. Angad singh

    Apple Iphone

    Hey guys anyone here using an unlocked iphone in india..... actually i am getting one but confused that shud i go for it or not... i just wanted to know are the unlocked phne allow third party applications to be installed on it.... if yes where r they available..... appreciate ur replies...
  17. ajaybc

    How can I block a website from being viewed or opened on my computer?

    How can I block a website from beingaccessed from my computer.I use both IE6 and Opera for browsing.Please help me.I prefer not to use external applications for that.If there is no other way only I will opt for that.
  18. iMav

    El Jobso relaizes his developers arent as good

    well he realized and knowing that third party developers are very important for success and couple that to the power of third party developers ... Source
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