1. mikael_schiffer

    RX 470 for ₹15990 ... Wakakakaakaa

    Source: AMD Radeon RX 470 for Mainstream Gamers Launched at Rs. 15,990 | NDTV RX 470 to cost ₹15990 Is this some delayed APRIL DAY joke ? AMD will not only destroy the 1080p market of nVIDIA , but its own too ! Nobody will buy the R9 series anymore. I think ndtv got wrong info...
  2. D

    Inverter (Urgent)

    For PC (500W PSU + Dell ST2220L monitor + belkin N150) and 4 CFL around 30W, pure sine wave with UPS mode (cos not using PC UPS anymore) What is the required VA/W rating for Inverter, battery for backup minimum 2hrs
  3. A

    software to encrypt files in windows 8

    please suggest anything other than TRUECRYPT which isnt available anymore
  4. A


    Anyone used Datafox in FF. It dosent seem to be working anymore after the new FF update (29.0.1).
  5. Ricky

    Need Logitech Unifying reciever

    So, making it simple and short, I have wireless logitech keyboard and mouse and my unifying receiver doesn't work anymore. I can't find it alone anywhere. Any suggestion or advice where I can get it ?
  6. RCuber

    Replacement Mouse Feet for Logitech G400

    Hey guys, I need a super slick mouse feets for the Logitech G400, I checked on ebay and it was not available. anyone know where I can find one? My original ones are not as smooth anymore.. -Cuber
  7. Limitless

    Broadband Help

    Hi Guys Can you suggest me some good companies which provide unlimited plans My Budget 1100 Location:- Delhi Airtel don't provide unlimited plans anymore currently I'm using 2mbps @ 1000Rs 10GB data which is too less :/
  8. B

    Suggest a Power Supply

    i3-2120 intel DH61WW ATI Radeon HD 5450 2GB Seagate Momentous 320 GB HHD 4 GB transcend RAM some cheap cabinet Is Corsair VS350 good enough for this rig? if not suggest some other psu below 2500 rs. Note that I am NEVER going to make anymore modifications in this rig.
  9. sam9953

    [Giveaway] Miscellaneous Items

    Okay guys I have got a few things which I would like to get rid off: Ethernet Cable/ Lan Cable/ RJ 45 Cable - 10 metre - cat 5e -Dlink cable straight (chewed by a rat from between) Not available anymore I got this cable from another internet user but none of us knew that the cable had been...
  10. sriharsha_madineni

    Philips SHP-2700

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Philips SHP 2700 Expected Price: Rs 800/- Rs.750 Rs.700/- Shipped Time of Purchase: March 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | Will give 2 day testing warranty Reason for Sale: Not using it anymore, packed...
  11. Sarath

    Our forum now has a new look :)

    Looks like our forum had a sneaky mid-night make over. :)) Before: After: Sorry no front face picture. New one is like this> Now this is a nightmare? Did I just screw myself? I don't see the option to switch themes anymore? :( ♦ Old one is in your memory :P Pics coming came up...
  12. guru_urug

    (Bad news) AMD: It Won't Be About 'AMD vs. Intel' Anymore

    AMD: It Won't Be About 'AMD vs. Intel' Anymore AMD is planning to back out from the Desktop Processor market. Bad news for consumers. Competition is what drove prices down and also kept processors developing. I just hope Intel doesnt relax and lay back on R&D and starts to sky-rocket prices.
  13. mitraark

    Change BB Combo 500 to UL Plan

    Hello everyone , i have been using the BB Combo 500 Plan for the last 3 years, Rs 500 for BB and Landline , 1.5 GB Limit , 175 Free Calls, Night 0200-0800 Unlimited. Now 1.5 GB seems to less for all the heavy Websites made nowadays , some HTML pages contains 5-10 MB of pics and gifs :( 1.5 GB...
  14. slashragnarok

    Help!!!!!!!!!! Dell st2220l

    Hi guys. I just discovered that the front panel touch buttons on my monitor are not working anymore. They were fine 2 weeks ago. I bought it on 31st March 2011. What should I do? Thanks.
  15. Ronnie11

    LCD screen for 6000-6500

    Hey guys,a friend of mine needs to buy a lcd screen for 6000-6500(Cannot exceed anymore) as the crt monitor is not working anymore...need help deciding whether a widescreen is better or a flat one...will be used mainly for games & movies...Doesn't necessarily need to have full HD,though if any...
  16. M

    Online Music sites

    Long back digit had published online music link , can anyone help me with the same as i dont remember it anymore .
  17. Krow

    Where is desiibond?

    He needs no introduction. The most active member of the past few months with 6436 posts has suddenly disappeared off the forum. :( Where is he? AFAIK he has not been banned or miserabled. His last activity is also not very long ago. But desii, why don't you post anymore here? Please don't leave...
  18. Coool

    Is this Netbook worth buying????

    One of my very best friend wants to buy a netbook...But his budget 17K he cant extend it anymore..I suggested him this Zenith netbook: Is this netbook worth buy???? or any other alternatives???
  19. A WTF?

    did anyone notice that you cant listen to free music on anymore irritating :-x
  20. I

    FS Asus M2a-VM...Top notch condition

    Hi, Selling a almost new..hardly used asus m2a-vm motherboard,had got it as temporary motherboard when my M2N-e had gone for RMA..but soon got m2n-e in couple of days and thus didnt use m2a-vm after that So it was lying in my cupboard hoping to get some use as had planned to make htpc but...
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