1. ax3

    Blu ray rw !!!

    hi, any1 got a blu ray rw ??? plz do suggest me ... Thanx
  2. ax3

    VPN !!!

    hi, any1 using free VPN & which is the best ??? thanx
  3. ax3

    filesflash !!!

    hi, am not able to download from ... have even tried proxy bt no use ... any1 with this problem & how to download from it ??? thanx
  4. ax3

    download gmail !!!

    hi, i want to download certain mails (not all) from gmail via outlook ... any1 knows how to ??? thanx
  5. G


    Well i live in Howrah,Bally(kolkata) i was thinking about buying the ps4,but the games titles cost is too much and was wondering does anyone know where we can sell/trade in ps4 games for cash? Ill be like buy ps4 games,finish them off and sell them..i have also seen game4u but has any1 traded in...
  6. S

    Help memmory dump error

    I am getting memmory dump error everytime PC restarts. I barely managed to log in. Any1 knows how to fix it.
  7. S

    Any1 has iphone with IOS7

    Any1 has iphone with IO7 running on it. I needed to test my game in it.
  8. F

    Seller Query is it Safe

    HI, I am planning to buy a Graphic Tablet and stumbled on this website, any1 know if its safe?????
  9. S

    getting BSOD

    getting blue screen with memory dump error memmory dumps to 100% and then restarts. Can any1 knows fix
  10. bestpain

    kolkata trip

    i am 18 yr guy...have to visit wb tomorrow .....its my first trip alone........have to visit md computer for buying pc is needed from any kolkata frnds ....any1 who could help me plz pm through phone call will also be beneficial
  11. F

    [Want to Buy] HAF912 or Corsair 400

    Want 2 Buy Cheap HAF Cabby if any1 Selling thiers, Should be in good condition with all ports working.
  12. R

    How to buy games from

    Hi, I need to buy Borderlands 2 from says game downloads only available for US customers.Can any1 who buys the game from amazon help me out here?
  13. ax3

    Mobile No portability ! ! !

    has any1 done Mobile No portability for prepaid card ? how much time does it take & in process can u use it ?
  14. ax3

    Tweak UI for win 7 ! ! !

    was using XP for a very long time ... now opting for Win 7 ... bt i cannot find Tweak UI for 7 ... as it removed unnecessary things ... any1 with link ??? plz do provide me ... Thanx
  15. A

    NEW C Programming Learner...HELP Required learning programming for the first learning programming in C college they use the TURBO C/C++ (Borland)Compiler...but this does not run on my computer with Windows can any1 of u suggest alternate compilers...and pls give name of those compiler in which the...
  16. R

    URGENT !! Remove VOCAL from mp3

    I want to remove Vocal from mp3 file so that I can sing to the track. The event is 2mrw(23 july). any1 with quick guide how to do it? any software?
  17. coolest111

    iphone 4 32gb

    APPLE IPHONE 4 32GB FACTORY UNLOCKED IN EXCELLENT 4G | eBay though i am saving myself for iPhone 4S or may be iPhone 5 i happen to see this deal has any1 bought apple product like this(through deals like this)? will they be good to buy?
  18. crazylamhe

    Sim Dating game

    Hey guyz, I am looking for a Sim Dating RPG game for PC like the Miami Nights/New York City Nights for the mobile platform. I googled it but in vain. None were free. If any1 knows any such game, please suggest ; if possible, plz. give the download link ! TIA
  19. R

    windbg Download Help

    hi all , In past i seen when tdf members having bsod asingh and others advising to post bsod log and suggesting solutions , so i searched net on how to open these logs Configuring the "Debugging Tools" - Windows 7 Forums But i am unable to find windbg.exe tool in Microsoft website ...
  20. superboysahil

    Unscrewing Creative SBS 245??

    I want to open up creative SBS 245 speakers but cannot find the screws... can any1 tell me how can i do it?
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