1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    India Against Corruption: Team Anna eyes 2014 polls

    NEW DELHI: Team Anna on Thursday announced their plan to enter the electoral arena with the avowed objective to provide a "political alternative" to the 'corrupt' political class as a combination of public indifference and government's apathy forced them to called off their indefinite fast at...
  2. sling-shot

    Idle memory usage - Nokia E6 and other Anna phones?

    What is an acceptable idle memory usage for a Nokia E6? Currently mine hovers around 170 - 190 MB. I am on Symbian Anna. This is with no visible programs running in the task switches except Ram Info. I had to look into this after running into repeated Gen Memory Full errors with Opera...
  3. Krow

    Sharad Pawar slapped

    QRcHJiE9u2k The attacker Harvinder Singh also attacked former Telecom Minister Sukh Ram on November 19. EDIT: Anna Hazare reacts: qGkx0UraJ78 Anna later said he is ready to apologise for his comments.
  4. T

    Symbian Anna Impressions Thread

    Hi Guys, Now that Symbian Anna is available widely , what are your impressions of the OS ? I think the split screen qwerty keyboard is quite good on my x7. Lots of overall improvements everywhere. I really like the phone even more with the update. How has your opinion been ?
  5. socrates

    Symbian Anna Can be Downloaded Starting Today

    See Symbian Anna Can be Downloaded Starting Today |
  6. G

    Installing ANNA CFW on Nokia 5800

    Is it safe to install The anna CFW on my Nokia 5800 XM, what are the cons and loses?? or is there any other wortwhile CFW that i could flash for?
  7. ico

    Anna Hazare arrested

    Kaaaangresssss have got Anna arrested. Time for a mini revolution to get this country rid of idiots like Kaaaaangress, BJP et cetera???
  8. azzu

    First 1GHz Symbian Smartphone, Nokia 500 Announced

    Nokia seems to be on a roll, here. After launching the E6 and the X7 recently, they’ve announced the Nokia 500, their first 1GHz Symbian Anna smartphone. This new phone is based on the current C5-03, with a few minor tweaks and improvements. There’s no official pricing from Nokia, but they say...
  9. J

    Anna update availability for Nokia N8??

    Hi guyz, I'm not able to find Symbian^3 Anna update for my Nokia N8(0599255 prod still having PR1.2 as the latest version), any idea on when it'll be available for N8 in India??
  10. ico

    Anna Hazare: The man who can't be ignored

    Anna Hazare: The man who can't be ignored - The Times of India
  11. D

    Hindustan University - fake ?

    Hindustan University @ site (tells it is a university under UGC act 1956) , is it a fake university ? coz its not mentioned in the university listing of UGC site ( Chennai guys what do you know about this it also tells about hindustan college...
  12. Ganeshkumar

    Which is the Highest pay Company for freshers (UG) in India

    Hi I amazed wen IT giants came in to our On-Campus Placement and told their pay... Some of them are... i) Microsoft - Take HOME - 9Lacs /Annum:shock: ii) DE Shaw - Net - 10.06 lacs:shock: iii) Yahoo 7-10 lacs!:shock: And i am in ANna University...:cool: But they r expecting...
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