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  1. windchimes

    Inviting you to take part in this survey on animated contents

    Hello Digitians, Requesting you all to visit here for this interesting survey on animated contents https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEtmWXdnSW5qLVBmdjljSldfcFotZGc6MQ Please add your valuable insights to it . Cheers!!
  2. RBX

    View Animated GIFs

    One thing has bugged me for long and haven't found a solution for it yet - how do you view animated GIFs in Windows 7 ? Dragging the GIF in a browser each time isn't a preferred option for me.
  3. bubusam13

    Is iBall a good company ?

    I need the answer to this coz I'm planning to buy another headphone for listening music in silence. iBall is giving their so called high end headsets like Tarang in a low price. iBall will be good and economical or creative or logitech ?:twisted...
  4. Gaurav265

    Need soft. For animated movie

    Hi guys,i want to make an small animated movie on my think.so, is any software available for this.i have used autodesk maya and 3ds max but these take more skill to do that. So,any software which is easy to use and i can start without taking any more tutorials.are you undestand what i say.so,if...
  5. nims11

    animated pics in FB

    i came across this FB page which had animated JPEGs in its photo album!!! I dont think FBML can be used in albums. Any idea how it was done?
  6. V

    Provide link for matrix theme

    Friends can any one provide me link for matrix theme (only falling numbers no actors should be there) I will be happy if animated theme is provided i will be very thankfull for this. My handset : Nokia N72
  7. M

    N96 Video Game

    i got this on Facebook. its an animated game on n96. U can play it on www.toolittlespace.com. It's based on the amount of content u can store in ur N96. The point they are harping on is 24GB capacity. The game is simple, but the video is cute. Have a look. the animated characters look funny...
  8. M

    wallpaper problem

    hi, I just want to know that can I set swf file as desktop wallpaper, or is there any other way to set swf graphic or animated video as wallpaper.
  9. abhi.eternal

    Avatar - The Last Airbender

    Love cartoons? Check this out. Avatar is aired on Nick at 4 AM (2episodes back 2 back) everyday... i don't know about other timings. The show’s simply amazing! One episode (or chapter) and you’ll be hooked (no pun intended!!).... and yes, you will hardly see a better ending. To visit...
  10. P

    se phone: wallpapers and themes

    hi guyz, i bought this k810i, and i was wondering where can i get cool animated wallpapers and themes on the net!?
  11. Most Wanted

    My own Avatar

    I want to make my own animated avatar. can anyone tell me how can i do it?:confused:
  12. P

    My desktop is stuck

    My desktop frequently gets stuck & explorer.exe uses too much memory when its stuck All this started after i had downloaded a screensaver & animated desktop theme from the web.I hav uninstalled them from the system but the problem is still there.suggestions anyone?:(
  13. L

    emoticons for MSN

    Hi, I have searched to some extent, but couldn't get a hold of something as good and big as say gigasmileys.. Where can I get such big ones and lots of them?? animated of course... for MSN messenger (windows live) thks.
  14. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Nikon D70s..tuts

    Hi guys...i've just got a new Nikon D70s but it turned out to b a bit too profectional...da guide provided is crap... Can ne one tell me where can i Download a full newbie tutorial??? Hindi language and animated if possible 'cause ma dad need da tut n he got lots of problem with western...
  15. Island Dog

    Alienware Dream Contest

    Alienware is sponsoring a .dream contest where winners can receive a new Alienware PC and cash prizes. All you have to do is create an Alienware themed .dream (animated wallpaper). For full contest rules, prizes and information, head over to contests.wincustomize.com/alienware Source...
  16. gaurav_indian

    This one is hilarious India vs Pakistan animated cricket

    This one is hilarious India vs Pakistan animated cricket Just visit the link http://i18.tinypic.com/82awu48.gif Or download it from here File size (3 mb) http://www.ftp2share.com/file/075232e6-2fc9-40f9-b8f3-80aa1edaf372/82awu48.gif.zip.html Thankkss to Nucleussss :D
  17. G

    Extract Animated Wallpaper from Digit CD and set it as Desktop Animated Wallpaper

    Hello Friends, Digit.exe is a non-standard flash file. you can extract and set Digit CD, DVD Animated Wallpaper as your default wallpaper. For this you have to arrange the packages given below: - Requirements: - 1) Screen Movie Studio v 1.25 (can be downloaded from www.mandsoft.com)...
  18. pritish_kul2

    Orkut pic

    How do i put an animated pic on orkut?? CAn i? like sm digit members have
  19. gaurav_indian

    Very touching animated video of Mumbai!

    I have just found this animated video of Mumbai made by some indian with Linkin Park's What i have done in the background.Look at this video its cool and kudos to the guy who made it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwPHlJrwKvo
  20. Y

    animated signature

    hi friends plz guide how can i add a animated signature in yahoo and rediff ... and tell me the animated signature creation softwares.
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