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Avatar - The Last Airbender


In search of light...
Love cartoons? Check this out. Avatar is aired on Nick at 4 AM (2episodes back 2 back) everyday... i don't know about other timings. The shows simply amazing! One episode (or chapter) and youll be hooked (no pun intended!!).... and yes, you will hardly see a better ending.


To visit official website, click here.

Awards Outcome

2005 Pulcinella Awards:
Best Action/Adventure TV Series - Won
Best TV Series - Won

33rd Annual Annie Awards:
Best Animated Television Production - Nominated
Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (The Deserter) - Won
Writing for an Animated Television Production (The Fortuneteller) - Nominated

34th Annual Annie Awards:
Character Animation in a Television Production (The Blind Bandit) - Won
Directing in an Animated Television Production (The Drill) - Won

2007 Genesis Awards:
Outstanding Children's Programming (Appa's Lost Days) - Won

Primetime Emmy Awards:
Outstanding Animated Program (City of Walls and Secrets) - Nominated
Individual Achievement Award (Sang-Jin Kim for Lake Laogai) - Won

Kid's Choice Awards 2008:
Favorite Cartoon - Won

Annecy 2008:
TV Series - Nominated

Check out this wikipedia article for more information... oh, don't forget to give your reviews!!
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Guess Who's Back
Okay i have seen the series (yes to the end) , there are like 61 episodes out there but let me clear few things first.

Avatar is not an ANIME okay , its was made in US so its not an anime also its a good cartoon i agree with that but its more suited towards 8-15 year old.

Since the main plot is still the age old Save the world - you are the one kinda of thing but its very good, some episodes are really good & the all the characters are in depth.

Also as a last note don't watch it on Nick (use other means) since Nick never shown beyond the first season also they show episodes randomly , so if you want to enjoy it please use the other means & yes that means Nick india is even wrose then CN india.


In search of light...
@phreak0ut: at least check out one episode of this show... your view will change

@rhitwick: i know of only these timings... may be its aired during "normal hours" too but i am sorry as i don't know about it.

@smit: i agree that nick shows the shows in random... that's why i used alternate means :D:D... any ways you must admit though its meant for kids, its a grand/superb show... what about the Sozin's Comet chapter? it was awesome, wasn't it?


Guess Who's Back
Yeah i really like that they turn those last 4 episodes in to a movie , like i said the plot is age old but the characters really breath life into it espically Zuko , he is one of the most complex characters i have seen , that's why i really liked the show , without Zuko the show would have been lame.

Anyway if you are looking for any other Anime you would like to try ask me since i spent last 2 moths of my vacation watching Animes & other Cartoon series , i feel like i am a Pro in in this department now :D (i rarely used to see anime before).


The Chosen One
espically Zuko , he is one of the most complex characters i have seen , that's why i really liked the show , without Zuko the show would have been lame.

Agreed. But don't foreget about Sokka.:D:D
He is entertaining as well as clever.


Dark Overlord !!!
Stupid Cartoons ???????????????? WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: No offense, but dude, u better watch it first and then comment on it...!! If u personally don't like any cartoons and fantasy then it is a different issue. :)

Avatar is the BEST TV SHOW ever made..... and I'm its die hard fan.... !!!! Watched the 2 hr finale at least 15 times and still feeling insatiable... !!! The characters esp. Zuko (my fav) is an utterly complex character .. and is the best character again among every TV show that I have ever seen... Before Avatar, Dexter, Supernatural and Lost used to be my fav.... but Avatar simply kicks the hell outta them in terms of pure awesomeness... :)
I never comment blindly. I used to watch it, and I was forced to download episodes for my sister. I have seen the WHOLE series, everything downloaded from the net and I find NOTHING impressive about it.


Legen-wait for it-dary!
This sounds a lot like naruto... nations at war... fire country... elements... child of destiny... and he is wind elemental.

even the map on wikipedia looks similar to the one in naruto.

Who knows, I'll check it out.
OMG!!! :shock:
Avatar fans here too?
Seriously, it is the first, last and only anime series that I liked until those ba$tard$ at Nick removed it for cr@ppy anime shows, instead of normal cartoons (and Avatar ofcourse)


In search of light...
Well... I have the Complete Collection (English) with me downloaded from Internet. Quality is not very good but watchable. If anyone wants them, they can visit me (Indiranagar on weekdays / Ejipura on weekends) and take them. Minimum Requirements: 2 GB pen drive, Bangalore resident and a die hard Avatar fan!...Oh btw, if the mods think this is not appropriate, then they can delete this post... but before deleting, if you are going to, ask any Avatar fan are they happy watching the show in Nick? I am sure they are not, myself being one of them, and unfortunately, I don't think you can get the serious legally anywhere in India. If you do, let me know else let me continue with the social service!!
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