1. vedula.k95

    Buying advice.

    Was too confused where to post so posted here,I don't exactly need a new phone advice but I am here in search for charger,I have a Ipro 10400 mAH power bank but I have a shitty low AMP charger which powers my phone like a turtle. I want you guys to suggest me which is the best high AMP phone...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Cheap prices on Zotac nvidia GPUs

    Hai, Cheap prices on Zotac nvidia GPUs Sealed Zotac nvidia GPU's: Zotac GTX1060 6GB Amp -16,500, Zotac GTX1070 8GB Amp -28,500. With Indian Bill. Contact: Srinivas from Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. PM me if anybody wants Phone number...
  3. Arnab

    NEED HELP- Which Card To buy- GTX 1080/1070- ASUS MSI EVGA ZOTACT

    Hello everybody , Its Been a While I was thinking of upgrading my GPU . My current GPU being R9290, since last 3 years. I am looking for a shift to Nvidia this time just for a change of taste. So I was searching different versions of 1080 and 1070 but there are few confusion which need to get...
  4. G

    GTX 1070 Msi or gigabyte

    As the topic says I am confused between these two brands. TBH I would have gone for zotac amp extreme as I trust it for its build and performance cuz I am already using 970 amp extreme and really happy with its build quality. But this time the card is really really heavy and not safe without...
  5. S

    4k Monitor for desktop

    Hi, Please suggest me 4k monitors. 1. Budget? 40k 2. Display type and size? IPS . Size should be less than 28 inch. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Monitor 4. Ports Required? Not sure. Port should support 4k at 60fps 5. Preferred choice of brand? No such preference. 6. Any...
  6. ithehappy

    Suggest an AMP please

    I use an E11 now, absolutely LOVE it. But I need something better, something with better dynamism, and the most important thing has to be the battery life and charging mechanism. The E11 can't be charged while used, and that is the reason why I don't use it always even when I want to. I don't...
  7. S

    Resolution OR fps??

    Last week I replaced my earlier video card with the Zotac 980 Ti amp extreme. :lol: Then I was stuck with the same dilemma that every high end gamer has faced once in their life. :-? 4k OR 1440P?? Both of which are expensive technologies(By my standards atleast), so I knew I had only 1 shot at...
  8. Faun

    [For Sale] Fiio X3, Meier Audio Stepdance, Fiio G01 Guitar Amp, and DigiZoid ZO2

    Product Name: Fiio X3 (1st Gen) Expected Price: Rs 7199 Shipping charges: Rs 0 Description if any: It's a 1st gen Fiio X3. I bought it when I was outside of India. Mainly used it as a DAC for my laptop. Used Meier Audio Stepdance as AMP in the chain. It's always carried in a silicon case. No...
  9. Darshan Singh

    Need a headphone DAC

    Hi guys, I want a headphone DAC for my ipod Touch and Sennheiser HD598 headphones within a range of Rs.15000. The DAC may be a desktop DAC or a portable one but I don't want portability at the cost of the sound quality. So even if it is a desktop one, it is OK with me. As you may know, HD598s...
  10. vanpr7

    GTX 960 which one to buy?

    Guys, I'm planning to buy GTX 960 but when i checked online i found a ton of different cards. At least two zotac 960's (Amp and non amp edition), two different msi versions, and also an ASUS Strix 4GB version. I'm really confused and would really appreciate if somebody can help out.
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    8 Channel APEX A-14 Audio Amplifier

    8 Channel APEX A-14 amp build finished, sound awesome. Loud and clear , super silent and perfect of home audio. Using as 7.1 audio system, with 12inch sealed sub-woofer driven by APEX B500 amp. Getting 7.1 channel analog output via Asus Xonar DX sound card and PC. Listening to music is a...
  12. Darshan Singh

    Need a headphone amp

    Hi guys, I want an headphone amp for my Sennheiser HD598 under Rs.10,000. Although HD598 are very good standalone headphones but I have heard that the sound can be greatly enhanced with an amp. I want an amp which may not necessarily enhance bass but primarily other aspects of sound like...
  13. anarchy0x

    ZOTAC 970 GTX AMP Extreme VS ZOTAC 970 GTX AMP Extreme CORE

    This has been bugging me for a while. A reliable source said Core is just a tad slower, but following are the specs which makes me think otherwise.. Which of them is better/faster? Amp Extreme has this: Core Clock: 1203 MHz Boost Clock: 1355 MHz Core has the following: Core Clock: 1228...
  14. N

    mobo and processor for ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP! EXTREME

    Hi, i have bought ZOTAC 970 AMP! EXTREME and CORSAIR 650W PSU. Please help me out for best CPU and MO for this configuration. Also bought : i7-4790K in motherboard i m confused. i will upgrade the motherboard when windows 10 will be out. so planning for now planning to buy some basic...
  15. A

    which gtx 970 to buy

    which gtx 970 to buy asus gtx 970 strix or zotac gtx 970 amp omega
  16. Nanducob

    connecting microphone to speaker (single)

    Hi I want to connect microphone to my friend"s old sony passive speaker(4 ohm). He says a 40 watt amp is enough.So if I buy an amp ,where will I connect microphone ? sorry guys im noob :lol:
  17. A

    which GPU is best???

    Guys pls help me out here!!! I need a new GPU for my i7 system. I use a single full HD monitor 1920x1080. Which Nvidia GPU is best to play games on full HD with ultra settings??? I was thinking about GTX 760 AMP edition. I currently have GTX 660. I m not a AMD or ATI fan, so pls suggest.8-)
  18. anirbandd

    Sonodyne SiA 320 + Sonus 2605 v3 Stereo System Review

    Sonodyne SiA 320 + Sonus 2605 v3 Stereo System Review Well.. I decided to write this review because there are not a lot of reviews for the particular model in subject. I wanted to target this review for those people who will buy the Sonus 2605 with Sonodyne's own recommended amp SiA 320...
  19. rakesh_sharma23

    Case Mod - HAF 7.1 AMP

    Hello to all, I am Rakesh Sharma from Jodhpur India, Came here with another Case mod. This case mod will be different from all the case mods out there. As you all know I am having a Corsair 300R case and a self-made 7.1 Audio amplifier since they both acquire quit a large space in my room...
  20. RCuber

    Car Audio System Budget 15K MAX

    Hey guys, We are about to buy a new car (Swift or Figo) and I want to do some research on the audio gear which we need to buy for the Car. we don't listen to music maxed out so high end might not be necessary. I have understood that one required the following components for the best...
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