1. pratik385

    Suggest a car under 4 lac

    Hello everyone :) I'm planning to get a car for my dad (before March 2014) My budget is under 4 lac, few thousands up wont matter.. So what im looking for is: 1. It will be used to goto office and such daily purposes. 2. Should have good mileage and low vibrations 3. Car should be...
  2. RCuber

    Swift Vxi Vs Figo Titanuim!!!

    My brother is upgrading his 2007 Alto, need advice on a sensible choice on Hatch backs. will be getting about 1.6L-1.7L for the Alto. A fully loaded Figo costs less than Swift Vxi (even DS). Figo is with ABS, Dual airbags, Alloy wheels etc. only concern is it has less power than Swift...
  3. tkin

    ICE for Car (Alto K10)

    Hey, I'm getting an alto K10 next month and want to add some audio(ICE) in it, my budget is 15k, any suggestions?? I need CD, USB and an aux will be nice. Also anyone know a good place in kolkata where I can get one?? Just need a head unit and 4 speakers, no amp or such.
  4. N

    Car entertainment system

    Hi, I am looking for a car audio system for my alto Lxi and my budget id < xplod HU and speakers are in my consideration.I have no idea that how much power require for front and rear speaker.It is helpful to mention the market price. expecting the reply. thanx in advance.
  5. sourav123

    Please Help Me Choosing A Car

    I am planning to invest in a new car due to the bad state of public transportation in Bangalore. This will be my first car. I will be using the car primarily for home to office transportation and for some little outing on weekends. I have done some research on the sites and magazines and have...
  6. R

    any difference between Alto std vs Alto LX?

    Hi Is there much difference between Alto Std and Alto LX? Other than AC, is there any difference in technical specifications or comfort level
  7. R

    Is it possible to add AC to Alto std model

    Hi guys, Is it possible to add Ac to std model of Alto. If yes, are there any disadvantages of this on performance of vehicle. Is this modification legal?
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