Suggest a car under 4 lac


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Hello everyone :)

I'm planning to get a car for my dad (before March 2014)
My budget is under 4 lac, few thousands up wont matter..
So what im looking for is:

1. It will be used to goto office and such daily purposes.
2. Should have good mileage and low vibrations
3. Car should be stable, easy to drive and smooth..
3. Car is for my dad so shouldnt be flashy.

I'm confused between
Alto K10
Alto 800

I'm edging towards Alto 800 or Eon as i10 is costly and Alto k10 has worst crash test score and cramped space..
Alto 800
-Nice engine, smooth and low vibration
-Awesome Mileage
-low or cheap maintenance
-Air bag available
-CNG option is available

-very stylish
-new model to look for
-good performance

Let me know if any more options are available..


Cyborg Agent
Based on your requirements the Maruti Alto fits in pretty well for you and the low maintenance and good mileage is difinitely the one to go for.

Also, service centres are abundantly available for any Maruti cars.
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