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  1. harshilsharma63

    Suggest a power bank

    hi, I want a power bank for Moto G. The Mi 10400 mAh is out of stock so I need to know an alternate. Thanks :)
  2. D

    hdd S.M.A.R.T failure

    After booting with avg rescue disc i found my disk having smart failure though my data is still intact. I have gone through the internet and did not find any solution to it. I think the new drive will cost around 6k and do not wish to spend if an alternate solution is available. is there any...
  3. aneeshcphilip

    suggest a UPS with 600W/1000VA....

    hi guys, need to buy one UPS for my pc with config 600W/1000VA. budget = 5k - 10k I have this in mind http://www.ebay.in/itm/251134913878?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Any better alternate UPS in this range?
  4. N

    Alternate to Google Apps for your domain ?

    I manage a domain and email of which I have been hosting with Google's Custome domain or rather Google Apps for your domain service. Hiwever the free account there only allows provision to use not more than 10 user accounts. I was wondering, if there is any alternate to this service with...
  5. jackal_79

    Alternate for Intel core i5-2500 based gaming rig

    Hi All, I have recently seen a gaming rig config on digit which sounded little bit expensive for me.I will paste the config below.Can someone suggest a AMD alternate for it? ======================= Proc:Intel core i5-2500 Alternate AMD Processor Required Mobo:MSI-H67 MA-35...
  6. J

    alternate option for fixing avi index?

    can anybody tell me the alternate option for fixing avi index which vlc player shows for a broken avi file....and it takes too much time for fixing it..:sad:
  7. M

    Need suggestion about samsung gio

    friends,going to buy samsung gio please tell me if alternate good phone is available?
  8. Desmond

    Which alternate DNS is better?

    I am using a BSNL dataone broadband connection. I heard that the BSNL default DNS is not very reliable and I wanted to tryout alternate DNS servers. I came across OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. Which among these do you think is better (faster)? OpenDNS :
  9. nisargshah95

    My sister's FB and Yahoo accounts hacked. Need some legal help.

    Hello people, now I really need your help this time. My sister's Facebook and Yahoo accounts were hacked recently and when I try to recover the Yahoo account using alternate email, I find that the alternate email address had @yahoo.com instead of @yahoo.co.in (which was the extension of her...
  10. C

    TV or Computer?

    Hi Guys, I am in a dilemma... I have around 45K-55K budget. My main aim is to watch movies. Mostly downloaded content from the internet. Should I go with a computer with a large screen or a 32" TV and home theatre? I currently have HP Laptop with 4 GB RAM, Core 2 DUO and Win 7 for my...

    Usb3 sata6 amd mobo required. Very urgen.

    friends one more thread cause its really urgent. usb3 and sata6 featyred mother board required. gigabyte ga 880gma ud2h not available. so tell some alternate amd motherboard with price range 4500 to 5200rs. its really urgent.:| i am from vizag and here the system is the shopkeepers bring...
  12. savithk

    k8v-mx alternate

    I had a Asus k8v-mx motherboard which is not producing any output from last week. As per an engineer motherboard should be replaced. But the problem is the same model is not available nowadays in my place. i m using (AMD Athlon 64 2800+ Processor & DDR 400MHz ( PC3200). pls tel me which...
  13. mavihs

    PC build questionnaire template (old)

    PC Build Request Template Fill up the following in your OWN configuration THREAD on the first post itself using the questions exactly as below: this will save both the requestor as well as the advisor a lot of time, effort and heartburn. Keep an open mind when someone suggests an alternate...
  14. Sathish

    is there any alternate to HCL's EC2 software?

    i hav recently found hcl's ec2 recovery sofware. it is working in preboot enviornment and extremely useful whenever the system failed to boot / os corruptions / it simply resotore the hdd image from the snapsots by pressing f9 function key. but i heard that it can be installed only on hcl...
  15. jxcess3891

    Favourite Alternate Entertainment Channel

    Which is your Favourite Alternate Entertainment Channel? ....Channels which are devoid of movies, soaps, sitcoms but are more inclined towards reality shows (not news or sports). I know, too many polls!
  16. alexanderthegreat

    Anyone tried Alternate Reality Gaming yet?

    This month's (February) digit reported a genre of games known as Alternate Reality Gaming. Well? Has anyone tried it yet? I tried my hands on ARGNet but I can't seem to understand whatever the heck is it all about! Does someone here play any ARG too? Currently I'm trying to make some sense out...
  17. we4net

    Alternate to Nero ?

    Hi please anyone suggest an alternate to nero...?
  18. pradeepbp

    Low sound in ubuntu

    After installing ubuntu I find that the playback sound is too low compared to that in Fedora 7 (which I used earlier) and Windows XP (which is the alternate boot in my machine). Any suggestions ?
  19. chesss

    Giutsy is here!

    UBuntu 7.10 Gutsy LTS is here! :) I installed feisty on my 2 days back on my brand new desktop and it worked flawlessly!! lan/audio that gave me royal pains on vista/xp with their shitty drivers worked out of the box in ubuntu :) Truly Ubuntu has come a long way Whats new Download link...
  20. MoksHa

    wanna know bout scanf()

    I have heard many weird things bout fflush() function in c (like undesirable effects). Can anybody suggest an alternate..
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