1. constantine

    M-Tech Laptops! beat Alienware by a longshot in both price range and performance!!!

    Hey Everyone have a look at these laptops! they are freakin awesome!!! i havent seen better - not even falcon and voodoo beat them and especially not alienware! i think they are the first to incorporate an i7 onto a laptop . and yes there is no i7 mobile version . core to extreme was the last...
  2. ╬Switch╬

    Umax cabinet - Alienware cloned.

    I found this on Rediff * It seems to be a clone of the Alienware cabinets. Has anyone bought one? / Or what do you think?
  3. Dark Star

    Alienware Plans for Linux

    The Merger of The Titans It seems Alienware is interested in Linux based PC's and Laptops :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: I would love to see their Linux based PC ;) Take part in the Survey : Alienware Survey
  4. Island Dog

    Alienware Dream Contest

    Alienware is sponsoring a .dream contest where winners can receive a new Alienware PC and cash prizes. All you have to do is create an Alienware themed .dream (animated wallpaper). For full contest rules, prizes and information, head over to Source...
  5. ╬Switch╬

    Alienware Cabinet

    Does anyone know where I can get an alienware (or a similar) type of cool cabinet? I am buliding my new PC. Thankx.:smile:
  6. godling

    Alienware Machine

  7. Pravas

    ALienware Laptops

    Hey can anyone tell me are there Alienware Laptops available in India? If yes can you tell me whether the prices vary much.... can we assemble laptops or desktop like alienware hardwares. I am interested in alienware cuz its great for animation.
  8. Dark Star


    Alienware introduces first 17'' dual graphics sli notebook. With ultra fast 7900gs gpu, amd 64 bit turion pro.See alienware at e3 For more info log on to
  9. Satissh S

    [Official] Dell has Aquired Alienware.

    Just surfing through extremetech and found this news.. Hope this hasn't been posted b4 a search gave no results .. so posting.. 1 day old though! Continue reading at
  10. mohit

    What is ALIENWARE ?

    hey guyz... please tell me what is ALIENWARE all about .. I have heard that name a couple of times but dont know a thing bout the company ... someone plz enlighten me on Alienware and its products etc.
  11. N


    I am planning to buy a desktop replacement gaming notebook but cant decide which is the best. here are the options 1 :arrow: dell inspiron xps * 2 :arrow: alienware area51m-7700...
  12. G

    NVIDIA SLI, the gamers Collection

    4 months ago, NVIDIA introduced the concept of SLI with their GeForce 6 series, it is available only by 6600GT & 6800GT cards in PCI-E form factor It is said to increse performance by upto 50%, it is a bit different then Alienware ALX Anandtech has done a reivew of SLI in action...
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