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About Zonealarm

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Ok ...i have been experimenting with my firewalls

First i tryed Sygate but it probabaly Deleted my connection...so had to format my machine .Then i used Armor to net nice lill firewall but lacked the punch ...so swithced to Kaspersky Antihacker ..but all it did is report some Helkern Attack ...so Switched to Mcafee Personal ...n tell u what gr8 soft ..not only it protects u but also can track any one who pings you.....
then i shifted to Zonealarm...and really loved it....but the problem is now and then it pops up saying user/Port blocked ...if the no goes to 3-4 per day than its Ok..but i get around 20-30 such messages ....so my q is are all the Hackers in the World Dying to Hack my Comp ...or Zone alarm is just faking it ???

and if not...then what will you suggest is Better Zone Alarm or Mcafee ...
i have a old sys ..so cud not dare to use a Norton product....


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i cant say if some1 is really tryin 2 break in or if it is something else...but ZA does give a lot of alerts...best thing would b 2 select the option which will stop ZA frm displayin alerts...that way, u will stay protected and not get the annoying messages....


It depends actually what those alerts specify.Afaik zone alarm pretty much does the job.
Script kidies using port scanners usually scan for open ports.This accounts for much of the alerts that you get.
You can always look at the alert info,protocol & port & find out more about the scan.
Also as neme said you could disable the notify alerts feature from zone alarm settings.


ZA has given you an option to disable the warnings that you receive. Use that. If ZA wanted to fake it, they wouldn't have given this option of disabling the warnings :)

Secondly, even your ISP keeps trying to ping you for one purpose of the other. This keeps happenning automatically. So even that must be generating the warnings. Switch on logging. You will know who is try to ping you.
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