1. D

    Korean Monitor Chaos

    Hi, I ordered a monitor from Korea following this thread. I received a call from DHL that the shipment have arrived in Mumbai and I need to appoint an external clearing house agent with the necessary...
  2. P

    Halo Nightfall- TV Series

    Since i have seen in Recent time many halo fans Don't know about it. i decided to create a thread about it8-) Its a 5 part mini series set as the prequel to Halo 5 and revolves around Halo 5's Main HERO Agent Locke (depends on if you Believe master chief is a Traitor or Not) mjl_vxXSkAg...
  3. J

    Nokia zoom agent contest

    Hi, Anyone knows nokia zoom agent first stage answers?? 5 ITEMS THROUGH WHICH THE VICTIM COULD HAVE BEEN POISONED
  4. toofan

    Who is Agent 001?

    Does anyone know who is Agent 001. From the day of reading my 1st digit I am curious about Agent 001. I thinks its RABOOO but not confirmed. Some must know.
  5. Anorion

    Preview August 2009

    Agust Feedback Feedback thread for the "Wikipedia – behind the pages" article. A close look at the Android OS and the Open Handset Alliance -- will it change the way we look at phones? Setting up and using eyeOS -- the cloud-based, free (AGPLv3) operating system. agent 001 busts some...
  6. K

    Maxtor or Freeagent

    I wanna buy a 500 Gb external hard disk. the local shop guy said Maxtor will cost 4100 Rs and Free agent near about 4600-4700 Rs So which is better is free agent worth the extra money.
  7. New

    I won One Million Great Britain Pounds!!

    Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to ticket number 001768432463 with serial numbers FTS/8070337201/06 and drew the lucky numbers 15-22-24-48-50-37(30) which subsequently won you 1,000,000.00 (One Million Great Britain Pounds).from the U.K The draws registered as Draw number...
  8. the.kaushik

    Setup up Mobile browser in Firefox | download all your mobile softwares in PC

    May be many of us already know this.Please neglect this :) This is a crazy find and hope you all will like it. With this hack we will be able to browse mobile sites in mobile format in PC(firefox) See this. Thats when i opened in firefox. Image Link...
  9. casanova

    float's Mobile Agent like software for Nokia

    I am quite unhappy with the bloated Nokia's PC suite. Sony Ericsson mobiles have a compact do it all software called Float's Mobile Agent. Is anyone aware of similar kind of app for Nokia. Thanks in advance.
  10. Maverick340

    Microsoft's Tactics pushed ELCOT towards Linux

  11. hluachawngthu

    Which one is better to remove kinza.exe?

    I have found Adware agent i.e KINZA.EXE in my System32. I thought that this was infected from my pendrive. How does this mal-ware (?) works and affect the system? Can you tell me which software is better to detect and remove this new agent?
  12. ankushkool

    For Sale 500 GB Segate Free Agent Ext HDD

    For Sale 500 GB Seagate Free Agent Ext HDD i hav a one month old 500 GB Segate Free Agent Ext HDD with 3 yrs warranty. i expect Rs.5000/- price negotiable. For sale in MUMBAI only call me at NO PERSONAL DETAILS
  13. A

    Presenmaker 1.0 - Convert Your Ideas into Animation

    Hi, I am Adithya U, 17 year old engineering student (IT) from Hassan, Karnataka. Presenmaker is designed and developed by me. Presenmaker stands for presentation maker. It's a free software developed by me which can be used to create interactive agent animations in seconds. By using...
  14. The_Devil_Himself

    Ubuntu installition problems.Please help linux pros.

    Ok I downloaded ubuntu 7.04 fiesty fawn and made a bootable CD and installed ubuntu.I got several problems: (1.)I cannot boot up my system without the ubuntu CD in my drive>when I try to boot up without cd the following shows up: when i put cd and prees any key nothing happens and the same...
  15. B

    Megaupload, The best way to beat slot limit -Tutorial

    Megaupload, The best way to beat slot limit To download without waiting from Megaupload: 1. If you use IE or other browe like Avant, Maxthon, Deepnest, Slim... 2. Star/Run --> type: Regedit 3. Follow key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Internet...
  16. sauravktr

    want to be a IRCTC Agent??? Anyone can help me?????

    want to be a IRCTC agent for Ticket booking.... ..:( But dont know how to do that??? What r the advantages to become a Agent instead of a normal user???? Guys help me out with some details!!!:confused::confused:
  17. Third Eye

    The best and worst box art of games

    Post your worst and best box art The best box art Crysis The Worst box art Far Cry Vengeance The Worst box art Splinter Cell Double Agent Call of Duty
  18. int86

    how to run app on PC intended for mobiles

    1. I like to now how to run jar and jad files on pc that are intended for mobiles. 2. opening a wap site is easy. But downloading any application is not easy. As user agent on mobiles is their model no with manufactures id, but user agent on pc is different. So the wao server has difficulty...
  19. Z

    Splinter Cell:Double Agent Visual C++ runtime error and ***MUST CHECK*** error

  20. Third Eye

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Demos Available !

    UBISOFT has just released the two demos( Single Player & Multiplayer) of Double Agent. I will download it at night. To download go to __________ I have downloaded it(Single Player Demo) and i will add screens soon.
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