1. maverick786us

    Looking for an advanced smart TV for netflix

    Can someone suggest me an advanced smart Android TV for viewing Netflix. I will primarily use Netflix or other internet channels. Besides Netflix I will also use it for watching movies, using my MacBook Pro and Desktop, where I will connect the TV with lightening / HDMI ports. For internet the...
  2. bkpeerless

    Need resources where i can learn python

    Hi, Can u suggest me places where there is step by step instruction to lean python or videos. I am looking for intermediate and advanced learning. Basic is there in youtube.
  3. M

    Need headphones/earphones under 1.5k

    I want to urgently replace my current jbl headphones which unfortunately got damaged and broke :/ My budget is 1.5k and I am a bass lover. Headphones or earphones dont really matter. Higher impedence sets are fine as ill play on my Fiio X1, though i doubt there will be higher ones in my low...
  4. P

    Spring Framework learning

    hi Guys, Can some one suggest the book for SPRING framework /STS . Which is easy to understand the basics as well as advanced. I like Head first series but they don't have any book for Spring Framework.
  5. bssunilreddy

    Know anything about Illuminati?

    Hai, It is a Secret Organisation that controls the might super powers and none is an exception to it.There are so many info about it but still it mystifies me.It considers the roots of every civilization for its progress which AFAIK was from 5000 years old. Is it a continuation of an ancient...
  6. SlashDK

    [For Sale] 3D Mark Advanced License Key

    I received a 3D Mark Advanced License key but don't have any need for it. It's retail price is $25. I'm willing to trade it for games/items on steam. Post your offers (and I'm not accepting any humble bundles).
  7. ankush28

    [REFERENCE]Hidden android codes

    WARNING:- This information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobile thieves. So use it at your own risk. Simply type this code in DIALER to use *#06# this code is use to know IMEI number on ANY phone *#*#4636#*#* This code can be used to get...
  8. Knight2A4

    Hunting Down VSONIC GR99

    I was planing to buy these earphones but they do not seems to retailed in online Would just wanted to ask if any one has buyed them and can address me ... Thanks in advanced
  9. R

    Computer Science or electronic and communications to become a good programmer?

    Hi, Thread title seems to be weird, I will explain.. Actually, I am thinking about whether I should take ECE or CS, in order to become an advanced programmer. What I meant by advanced programmer is that who can develop driver for hardware, kernels for OS's or even a normal software. With just...
  10. Nerevarine

    JEE Advanced

    Good luck to everyone going for JEE advanced tomorrow..
  11. V

    Help with TL-WN721N wireless adaptor

    Hi, I recently bought a TP-Link TLWN721 wireless adaptor The device drivers & Utility installed without errors When the utility starts it is on the advanced tab with all other tabs greyed out and are unselectable, even the options on the advanced tab cannot be selected.. I have already...
  12. Alien

    IObit giveaway - Advanced SystemCare PRO 6 [Ends Dec 26th]

    Get IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 1 year license key for free. Offer ends on December 26th. To get the PRO license, please enter your email address and click "Get It Now" button. Visit Here
  13. G

    Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced vs Corsair 500R

    Hi, I am building a new gaming system and am confused between the Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower & the Corsair 500R (both pricing is the same). Most seem to state that 500R is better, but I really like the gaming looks of the HAF 912 Advanced. I wanted to know how exactly is the...
  14. M

    Thumbnail pictures not showing while browsing internet

    I am unable to see thumbnail pictures especially on forums and get this image: However when I refresh most of the time it becomes ok, sometimes not. I cleared cache,history etc and enabled all options in multimedia in advanced internet options. But it is still the same and small snaps...
  15. D

    new android mobile around 20000?

    Guys i am gona buy a new phone next week. Budget 20000-22000RS Must have Dual core 1Ghz or + Ram 786mb or 1gb Internal memory 4gb or + Cam 5MP or + with 720p recording Phone must play 1080p videos must have memory card support help me guys what i find is motorola Atrix 2 and...
  16. S

    Nzxt Phantom 410 OR Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet

    1. Nzxt Phantom 410 OR 2. Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet ??
  17. C

    Is the ps3 3d display here?

    As the heading states, is that monitor in Indian market yet? If it is, where can I get one? And, by the way, how frequent is ps3's frimware updates, and how big they usually are? Thanks in advanced
  18. ithehappy

    Best YouTube video download software in browser?

    I've recently switched browser, from FF to Chrome, and i miss the on screen option of downloading a YouTube video while using Internet Download Manager. I never used the Advanced Integration in IDM, which wasn't needed in FF to download a video but in Chrome it's different story, without...
  19. C


    My local dealer is trying to sell me 4 gb of HCL ram. Anyone used it? Should I buy it? I was planning on corsair xm3... But if says it's real bad... Is it really so? Thanks in advanced
  20. Skud

    Valentine's Day offer: IOBit Advanced SystemCare 5 Pro FREE

    Not exactly a freeware; IOBit is giving Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO free of cost for 24 hours on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Go to the following link:- IObit 2012 Valentine's Day Giveaway provide your Name and a valid email address and you will be provided with a license key of 1 year...
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