Looking for an advanced smart TV for netflix

Can someone suggest me an advanced smart Android TV for viewing Netflix. I will primarily use Netflix or other internet channels. Besides Netflix I will also use it for watching movies, using my MacBook Pro and Desktop, where I will connect the TV with lightening / HDMI ports. For internet the TV should have WiFi.

Here are some more things that I am looking for...

1) It should be minimum 40 inch LED/OLED or whatever the latest tech used in TV arena.
2) My preference is highly advanced smart TV with as many advanced features related to internet since I am a techie but new into the world of TVs.
3) I am not sure if I should go for 4K. If 4K is too expensive, then full HD is fine.
4) Not sure about 3D and its importance. But i game in my gaming rig not on TVs.
5) Last but not least, I don't want any Chinese knock. Sony is my preferred choice. However if a smart TV within this category from Sony is too expensive, then Panasonic, LG and Samsung will be fine.


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fill these : *forum.digit.in/tvs-monitors/185969-questionnaire-tv-monitor-purchase-queries.html


Budget is 80K
1. Budget: Upto 80K however I can increase it, if the product is that good
2. Display type and size? OLED, LED minimum 43 inch
3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV for Netflix and other internet channel
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