1. Cyberghost

    North America is officially out of IPv4 addresses

    North America has finally run out of new addresses based on IPv4, the numbering system that got the Internet where it is today but which is running out of space for the coming era of networking. The American Registry for Internet Numbers, the nonprofit group that distributes Internet...
  2. Ashokkumar01cbe

    What is......

    When I search through the internet i found some topics related to IP and I am unable to found the answer, please tell me ,What is meant by looping back the IP addresses....
  3. G

    How does a courier company sort addresses ?

    I was interested in knowing how a courier company works in deciding the addresses to be given to a certain delivery boy, in order to drop the parcels at those addresses. So let us say that the company decides to give a delivery boy parcels belonging to a certain locality. Now the question...
  4. yrana2002

    DHCP issues

    My college network employs a DHCP server to assign ip addresses to systems based on whether the MAC address of the system is registered in their database( we have to register it seperately). So practically speaking, each system gets assigned the same ip addresses everytime. Earlier, using DHCP...
  5. S

    sk17i recall by sony??

    it seems that the phone has a hardware bug which produces a static noise in the phone. it is all over the net with many users complaining about it..and since the last 2-3 days the phone has been out of stock on flipkart and letsbuy while the mini(st15i) is availablle..has anyone got any official...
  6. ithehappy

    How to block a Website adress permanently?

    I want to block one or more Website's for some security purpose. I will not be in home for some time, thus I won't allow anyone to open those sites. Now is there any software or else by which I can block the addresses of those websites? They shouldn't be opened from any browser, IE, Opera or...
  7. B

    IE8- browsing history

    One website address is not getting deleted from the browsing history of IE8 although all other addresses are removed on deleting the browsing history. Can I do something about it.
  8. NucleusKore

    Websites 'keeping deleted photos'

    Source: * User photographs can still be found on many social networking sites even after people have deleted them, Cambridge University researchers have said. They put photos on 16 popular websites - noting the web addresses where the images...
  9. K


    Hi Guys, May I know the link of all the website addresses of Indian Online Book Sellers?
  10. M

    [Information] Gmail and Googlemail are Same - 2 E-mail Addresses

    Suppose you got your e-mail address as Now Gmail provides you with the facility of 2 e-mail addresses associated with one account. The 2 e-mail addresses provided by Gmail are as follows: 1. 2. Login from or
  11. iNFiNiTE

    Web's doomsday around the corner...

    Source of the news article Until such time, start looking at the countdown clock for the doomsday at Source
  12. H

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible to ban a user of vbulletin or mybb over ip addresses? if he/she is having a dynamic ip is it worth?:D
  13. Plasma_Snake

    Sick Speeds

    Today morning I just noticed how much we Indians here lag in the Terms of Bandwidth availability. We are marked as a rapid developing nation , full of gluttons and Technologically rapidly evolving but what any good is that technology that can't get to us in time. Look at the download speed of...
  14. anandk

    Get set to Grab your email id now !

    Microsoft will be opening up registration for email addresses to all, in a day or two. A source at MSN China is telling that Microsoft will open up registration to the general public for addresses. While Microsoft has not officially confirmed this news, responding with a...
  15. goobimama

    UT2004: Need to configure LAN

    I've got Unreal Tournament 2004 installed on two Vista machines. Now I don't know how to setup a LAN gaming thing. Its a PC-to-PC network, both with manual IP addresses ( there are options of Listening Server and Dedicated server, don't know which one to use. Anyone?
  16. anandk

    @live email ids to be avlble soon.

    The upcoming @live addresses will soon be available "in the fall", along with "a rich family of products" around the same time. According to the blog entry on, there will be no migration of address names from current hotmail addresses, so if you have...
  17. ApoorvKhatreja

    DNS Servers

    What DNS servers do you guys use? Ok, I don't know much about DNS servers, but I do know about the Domain Name System, and that all the domain names are translated to their respective IP addresses. But what role does a DNS server play in this? And if it just translates the names to Ip addresses...
  18. Kiran.dks

    Microsoft releases security updates for Nov'06

    Microsoft security updates for November 2006 Courtesy: Microsoft released six security updates on Tuesday, five of them with the software maker's highest threat rating. The company said the five critical updates address vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to get...
  19. Sourabh

    Y!m in your Web Mail

    Yes, Yahoo! does a Google in this. Not bad in my opinion however restricted it is. Considering the time it took for them to do this, I am willing to accept their large market share as the reason. Read more
  20. N

    validation failialiar notice

    i have win xp sp2 its gives me everytime message 4 windows genuine i cant understand what i do ploz.. make me gaiudens 4 this regards.. Edit : please don't put email addresses
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