1. seamon

    Great Video game monologues/dialogues.

    What are some of the greatest monologues/dialogues in video game history? For instance the Insanity monologue from Far Cry 3 is pure awesome. JmJngOYQDGw PS:I am acting this one out in a school dramatics audition.
  2. amit3987

    Comparision between Galaxy S plus and Galaxy R

    I am planning to purchase a new mobile in the coming days and am confused between the Galaxy R and the Galaxy S plus ? From what I have read, I understand that Galaxy S plus is just an overclocked version of Galaxy S with an Amoled screen.. while the Galaxy R is the downgraded version of the...
  3. rhitwick

    Inception vs. Shutter Island

    Which is better? Inception sure has some brainfcuking concept but lacks in the category of acting. Every scene is fast paced and the story (not even a great story) is greater than the actors. They just come and play their part...nothing exceptional. Shutter island on the other hand has a great...
  4. H

    funniest acting in a music video :razz:
  5. ajayritik

    Need help as PC acting weird

    In recent time my PC iss acting weird. I have observed that after switching on the PC for couple of minutes it hangs up and I'm unable to do anything. I have to eventually restart the machine using the reset button. I don't know what could have triggered this problem. Though couple of weeks...
  6. vamsi360

    Opensuse 11 and fedora 9 queries

    Hi, I installed opensuse 11 in dell inspiron 1525 and was totally annayed that the touchpad is not working properly and is irritating me.The upper part of the touchpad is acting as a mouse pointer that too slowly and the lower part is acting as a mouse button.This is really irritating for...
  7. tango_cash

    Utorrent acting weierd!!!!!pls help urgently.

    Utorrent acting weired!!!!!pls help urgently. hi i use utorrent 1.7.5. lately it has started acting some of my torrents(they are from different trackers) it gives offline (timed out) in the Tracker Status.i tried using bitcomet .99 for the same torrents and it worked perfectly. what...
  8. iMav

    My Windows forgot me

    my problems from office have followed me home and this time my windows desktop has started acting up on me:
  9. Gigacore

    Aishwarya Rai Quotes

    I never knew Aish has some quotes - Giga :D Source
  10. mario_pant

    is this a virus???

    hey guys... help me out.... i get this starnge message on the login screen evrytime i start my PC.. configeration: 1.6GHz P4 Processor Win XP Home SP2 ------------------------------------ and also my norton has been acting wierd.... nothing is available in it... and it does not start...
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