1. PradeepSN

    ACT Blast Promo Plan is Incredible

    Wooww!! 1TB data with 100 Mbps is really huge that too just for 1049. Waiting for what Jio is going to offer. Definitely it will be bigger than ACT :emoji_joy::emoji_joy: .
  2. Zangetsu

    Act Fibernet announces 1Gbps wired broadband plans for Hyderabad

    Act Fibernet announces 1Gbps wired broadband plans for Hyderabad; will cost Rs 5999 with 1TB FUP Act Fibernet has announced the launch of the first citywide 1 Gbps broadband access in India. K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), Minister for IT, Municipal Administration and Urban Development and Industries...
  3. jkultimate

    ACT Fibernet. BANGALORE. New Connection

    Hi guys, planning to stay in Bangalore for next 2 years from Feb 2016 although not sure. Heard about ACT fibernet and their plans seems to be awesome. I want to know the cost of getting a fresh new ACT Fibernet connection in Bangalore with WIFI modem. Now planning for 1999 per month plan as...
  4. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Hyderabad offers yet another tremendous Speed & Data Bumps! [08-09-2015]

    Looks like all my prayers are now answered. Possibly due to similar plans from Airtel and BSNL. 40Mbps up to 100Gb, 3Mbps post fup for 1050 ;)
  5. Cyberghost

    Act of Aggression

    Eugen Systems, the studio behind the million-unit selling Wargame series of RTS games and the critically acclaimed Act of War (2005) or R.U.S.E (2010), is back! Set in a modern, techno-thriller setting, their new game promises to be a perfect cocktail of political intrigue, high fidelity visuals...
  6. Cool Buddy

    Query about ACT Broadband in Chennai

    I live in Chennai and want to take ACT broadband connection. I have 2 questions: Are there any viable alternatives (cable broadband, not ADSL) that are cheaper than ACT? If I take an ACT connection, will I be able to simply connect it to a TP-LINK Router like I could do with Wishnet in Kolkata?
  7. Charley

    Is ACT Fibernet best ISP in Bangalore

    Is ACT Fibernet the best ISP in Bangalore?
  8. AshurainX

    Noob question regarding latency and Ping.

    Suppose one in bangalore is using ACT and gets 150-190ms ping to EU servers, can an ACT user in chennai expect the same? Sorry if that made no sense. Also i cant use the Q&A section, so pardon me if this is in the wrong place.
  9. Mr.Kickass

    [Breaking News] SC strikes down sec 66A of IT Act, upholds freedom of speech

  10. Nanducob

    Maharashtra bans beef, 5 years jail, Rs 10,000 fine for possession or sale

    Beef lovers in Maharashtra will now have to do without the red meat as President Pranab Mukherjee has given his assent to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 1995, nearly 19 years after the Maharashtra Assembly passed the Bill during the BJP-Shiv Sena rule in 1995. The...
  11. swatkats

    Beam Telecom could be history Soon, ACT to completely buy out Beam & Might go for Rebranding

    Beam Telecom is now ACT Fibernet Update: * -------------------------------------- Some Insights: Looks like the entire deal went for 700+ Crores. ACT revenue mostly could have...
  12. R

    Airtel or Act BB??

    Currently I am using BSNL at borewell road, whitefield which sucks on pings after 5PM till 11 45 PM :) as I had no other options available in the area. I am shifting to 5th Cross, D Block, AECS layout, Blore and I find Act and Airtel being available in that area. Can someone throw some...
  13. amjath

    Anonymous Calls for Internet Blackout Again

    Anonymous Calls for Internet Blackout Again but this time its not SOPA or PIPA its CISPA Source
  14. Flash

    TN will use Goondas Act to curb cyber crime

    Cyber crimes that are grave in nature will now attract detention under the Goondas Act. Winding up a conference of senior IAS/IPS officers here on Wednesday, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced that suitable amendments would be made to include cyber crime under the Tamil Nadu Prevention of...
  15. pratyush997

    BSNL Screwed by Anonymous India

    LINK ------------------------------- Announcement Post and the main thing is that even Database passwords are shared Link to ^^ Post Pastebin Update The website's homepage was hacked saying:- Here they got good hint to protect themselves and The funny thing is that BSNL :facepalm...
  16. S

    Need a TV+Monitor Combo

    Heyy Everyone, Out of 2 options,whiich one is best: Using a LED Tv as a monitor and TV. or Using LED Monitor as a tv and monitor I will use it for watching full HD(1080p) movies and will also be using it for Gaming,watching tv shows etc.. Also,can those USB ports present on monitors can...
  17. paroh

    * Home * News Antipiracy DNS blacklist bill passes the Senate Judiciary Comm

  18. V

    recovering gmail pass

    Hello guys I had an email act with gmail whose pass i forget and also the alternate email add and the answer of the security question, but i have an other act with gmail and the answer to the security question is same with the act whose pass i forget ,is there any software where i can just...
  19. Krazzy Warrior

    Opera:Wried Problem(.css file) >> Help

    Opera User plz jump in and help .. Weird problem in opera...when i use theme made by ico/amvita .css file...digit pages act weird...sometype reply get posted sometime not..sometime post get edited sometime not...sometime signature changes sometime not...but when i dont use these .css file...
  20. L


    when i click it act as double click
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