1. pradeepbp

    Connecting pocket pc to ubuntu

    I own a pocket PC booting windows mobile 6 (HTC P3400i, that's the exact model). Now, is there any way I can do the following: 1. Connect the device to my ubuntu laptop via USB for file transfers and internet surfing (the device will act as a modem with internet sharing enabled). 2. Same as...
  2. ajai5777

    help me to buy a pci e card...

    My pc's configuration Intel p4 HT 3ghz Intel d101ggc ddr1ram 1gb*2=2gb hdd 80gb want to upgrade to 240 by adding a 160 xfx nvidia 7200 gs.......... here i got all thing wrong it was only a low end 256 card someone cheated me that it will share 256 of ur ram and will act as a 512 card i had...
  3. Shloeb

    Gears of war saved games

    I formatted my pc but forgot to backup my saved games. Can anybody provide me theirs? I need the saved games from Act IV Entrenched. Please i don't want to play the whole game again. :(
  4. C

    Fake or True?? Help!!!

    Jst got this mail now: Lol I m scared.... Is it a spam or ture???
  5. Hustlerr

    Re : Gaming Industry - Evolution Is Coming, Hurry Act now

    Join: ACT NOW: a market growing @ $412 USD/ Second You are one of the privileged few. One of the very first to learn all about a unique new home-based business prior to launch. (gala launch on 15 July) The business takes advantage of three combined, global ”megatrends”: online GAME PLAYING...
  6. Aberforth

    Armed Forces and North East India - An Insult to Democracy?

    Not beating much around the bush, I decided to check the clauses of the Armed forces special act due to repeated requests from my North Eastern friends to enlighten myself in this subject. I came across Section 4 of AFSPA and it quite disturbed me - Any commissioned officer, warrant officer...
  7. bajaj151

    Drive Tray !!!

    How can I add option "Insert" on right click of cd/dvd drives which act as...inserting we have eject option to eject VISTA...
  8. hailgautam

    Downloading Music from net is it a crime?

    Downloading Music from net - Is it a crime? I asked whether listening to online music/ downloading online music makes one a criminal, here but did not get an answer. Any way I did some research on the subject and the following are the results: Before we discuss about the piracy and...
  9. Maverick340

    Linux for Audio

    HI i know there are many Linux distros out there but i was looking for one that primarily acts a jukebok or rather for Audio/Vedio playback . I have tried geeXboX . It was nice but cannot act as full replacement . If there are anymore such please suggest
  10. crownabhisek

    Where got domain reg?

    :cool: :wink: 8-) Everywhere i only see that other sites like, etc act like registrars.(They snatch away money from you) But, the question where from they got their domain? Where from they got register their domain? I wanna know how can i act like registrar? I own the site...
  11. ashfame

    AMD launches Live! entertainment PC platform

    Sunnyvale (CA) - If you are not quite convinced that you want an Intel Viiv PC in your living room, then here is another option: AMD promises similar functionality and "real world solutions" with beefed up entertainment center PCs. "Live!" PCs will act behind the scenes, rather than physically...
  12. hpotter606


    Hi i just wanted to know what NVIDIA drivers are for. i know they are video drivers but will the improve graphics or using them i will be able to play games such as act of war. if have on board graphis with 64 MB shared memory. please help
  13. C

    a question for all u iPodders

    does the ipod also act as an external hard drive?
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