Beam Telecom could be history Soon, ACT to completely buy out Beam & Might go for Rebranding


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Beam Telecom is now ACT Fibernet




Atria Convergence Technologies, which is controlled by India Value Fund Advisors, has hiked its stake in Beam Telecom to 80 per cent and intends to fully acquire it soon. Atria has acquired additional 20 per cent stake of the promoters of Beam Telecom and has an agreement to buy out their residuary stake in the Hyderabad-based broadband company.
Atria hikes stake in Beam Telecom to 80%; plans to invest Rs 2 bn in cable TV & broadband biz |

Some Insights:

Looks like the entire deal went for 700+ Crores.
ACT revenue mostly could have clocked over 400 Crores FY-14

Beam telecom could be ACT broadband anytime. If you are thinking what's there to wonder? Don't expect Speed bumps at regular intervals and expect Poor post FUP plans which ACT offers for bangalore or Chennai right now.

If Such pathetic broadband plans come from Ex-Beam in future, there would be no competition in Hyderabad.
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Unlimited Data Plans Charges in INR
PlanSpeedOld FUP LimitNew FUP LimitSpeed
Post FUP
Yearly2 Years
B-Max 410 1 Mbps20 GB 30 GB 512 Kbps410.00 2365.00 4500.00 NA
B-Max 615 4 Mbps25 GB35 GB 786 Kbps 615.00 3380.00 6140.00 11050.00
B-Max 999 15 Mbps50 GB60 GB 2 Mbps 999.00 5495.00 9990.00 17982.00
Hypersonic 2499 50 Mbps 100 GB 100 GB 6 Mbps 2499.00 13745.00 24990.00 44982.00
Hypersonic 2799 50 Mbps 200 GB 200 GB 6 Mbps 2799.00 15395.00 27990.00 50382.00
*Taxes applicable. Price plans are subject to change

- Installation charges will apply depending on the plan chosen
- All plans are exclusive of taxes (service tax 12.36%)
- Fair Usage Policy applies to all Plans
- Table describes Fair Usage Policy by package with effect from 1st Aug '14

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

While the packages have been designed to give unlimited broadband experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. The Fair Usage Policy is a mandate as per the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) regulations. This helps to give the desired internt usage experience to all users, especially since broadband is a shared bandwidth experience and the over usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users.

NOTE: At the beginning of the next calendar month, the speed will be automatically reset and increased back to the speeds as per Subscribed Package.
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What did i say b**ch? *

Beam Fiber to get brand makeover in Hyderabad soon


“As part of our overall group plan, we wanted to create a national brand and bring all our services under it. In all cities (except Hyderabad) that we operate in, our company works under ACT brand. In Hyderabad, the largest market for our broadband service, we are known as Beam. As our company goes national, we want to bring all our products under the common brand, ACT Fibernet," said ACT CEO Bala Malladi.
4 years Excitement to end Soon with Crappy plans!


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Got an Email

Dear Esteemed Customer,

Season's Greetings to you! Beam Telecom Private Limited (Beam Telecom) has been a subsidiary of Atria Convergence Technologies Private Limited (ACT) since 2009. Effective 1st April 2015 BEAM
Telecom merged into ACT to leverage the group's technological and other marketing prowess. Consequently, the earlier Beam Telecom becomes a part & parcel of ACT by virtue of merger and
amalgamation. As a result of the above, all the customers of Beam Telecom got subsumed as that of ACT and have assumed status as customers of ACT. Thus there shall be withdrawal of service by
Beam Telecom and we request you to take 15 days' notice in this regard.

We also assure you that the service parameters and other obligations of Beam Telecom are assumed by ACT. There shall not be any disruption or compromise in the quality of providing Broadband
Internet Services.

In order to facilitate seamless transitioning of legal relationship from Beam Telecom to ACT, we are deeming Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) duly filled by your good self with Beam Telecom as CAF
executed in favour of ACT and the services availed by you shall continue to be governed by the Terms & Conditions agreed and acknowledged by you with Beam Telecom. There shall not be any change
with respect to the tariffs, packages and services currently being subscribed by you.

However should you prefer a fresh CAF being signed by you, please feel free to drop a mail to and our executive shall get in touch with you and help you in getting a fresh CAF duly
filled by you with appropriate Proof of identity and Address.

We thank you very much for your patronage and we assure you that we shall continue to serve you with the same devotion and quality.

Thank you
For Beam Telecom Private Limited
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