1. U

    ACPI multiprocessor drivers help

    I can't find acpi multiprocessor pc drivers on internet and i have accidentally cleaned up my system's plz so dat i cud resolve my problem and get on to my work
  2. S

    ACPI not compliant

    During installation of Windows XP Pro PC gives a stop error that says the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant and asks to restart the PC. CPU is Intel P4 & the motherboard is of MSI
  3. bubusam13


    How to disable ACPI in VirtualBox ??
  4. gary4gar

    KDE4:Blank screen at login

    These days i get a blank screen at login and a while(1-2minutes) i am able to see desktop. sometimes i need to restart X server. Please Xorg.0.log X.Org X Server 1.4.2 Release Date: 11 June 2008 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating System: Linux 2.6.26-ARCH x86_64 Current...
  5. abhinandh

    Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux

    A very bright guy named Ryan (aka TheAlmightyCthulhu over at the Ubuntu Forums) has disassembled the BIOS on his Foxconn motherboard and found a very peculiar behaviour. Long story short, he found several tables written for almost all Microsoft OS’es and only one badly written table for Linux...
  6. N

    Standby and Auto-Power off disabled

    Hi Guys I have a problem with the Standby option and Auto-Power off feature of my system. Mine is an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ on an MSI RS480M2-IL motherboard with 1.5 GB RAM of which 128 MB is shared by the onboard ATi Radeon Xpress200 graphics chipset. I have two hard drives - a 120GB SATA on...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    WebCam under Linux

    I have a basic tech-com webcam. I need it to work in linux. Here is a part of the output of dmesg | more which I think can help: ACPI: Error installing bay notify handler ACPI: Bay [\_SB_.PCI0.IDE1.CHN1.DRV0] Added Linux video capture interface: v2.00 iTCO_vendor_support: vendor-support=0...
  8. gary4gar

    Due Kernel I/O error, system refuses to boot randomly

    My system refuses to boot randomly . here is the error [ 52.308000] ata2.00: exeception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen [ 52.308000] ata2.00: cmd c8/00:08:d6:4a:89/00:00:00:00/e2 tag 0 cdb 0x0 data 4096 in [ 92.568000] ata2.00: revalidation failed (errno=-5) [ 137.832000]...
  9. G

    hardware compatible with linux

    My friend has the following configuration processor AMD athlon 64 X2 motherboard asus M2N8-VMX nVidia based he has problem in installing linux[fedora,ubuntu] with acpi enabled he gets an error message we tried with acpi disabled then we were able to work with linux. Is this the problem...
  10. gary4gar

    I/O error while copying some data on to external HDD

    I can't write data on my external HDD which who's file system is NTFS. i always get a I/O error while the copying is going on i have installed ntfs-3g, my distro is Debian lenny. The Hdd connects via USB port. Linux version 2.6.22-2-amd64 (Debian 2.6.22-4) ( (gcc version 4.1.3...
  11. Y

    Need urgent help...Installing XP............

    Guys...While installing xp it is showing an error that my motherboard is not ACPI complient.I am using SIS motherboard which is ACPI complient.Then again during instalation I am adviced to pressed F7 to avoid ACPI driver installation.Then after loading all the drivers,pc restarts and I need to...
  12. N

    acpi non compliance stops Win XP installation

    hi, my friends system had win xp installed earlier, but now when i tried re installing, it says the mobo is not acpi compliant. the mobo is a Gigabyte 915 model and when i start the pc, BIOS says the mobo is ACPI compiant and it is turned on. any one has any idea? (btw, i flashed the...
  13. shantanu

    BIOS settings FOR ACPI

    hello friends!!! :idea: i was just going up with some bios settings and found three options for ACPI settings I.E.. ACPI V1.0 (default) ACPI V2.0 and ACPI V3.0 the default is set to ACPI V1.0, what will be the difference when i set tit to ACPI V2.0 and or ACPI V3.0, should i change the...
  14. phreak0ut

    Cool 'n' Quiet driver install problem

    I have FC5(64-bit) installed on my system on my system(please system specs on my signature). I want to install the Cool 'n' Quiet driver for my OS as it tends to heat up if I leave it running for a long time. This doesn't happen on Windows. I don't know if this because of the driver which I have...
  15. saROMan

    New Problem !!!

    Ok as nothing had happned i had to format the system..and reinstall now after installing every thing...when i connect to Net suddenly i Get BSOD..and machine went to services..and did some tweaking..and now the scenario has Inet runs smoothly..but after 15-30...
  16. S

    ACPI error?Comp stops responding,please help!

    my sys specs are:PIII 966Mhz,Intel 810e mobo with on board graphics,256MB SD RAM,40 GB HDD and am running win XP Pro SP 2. I normally don't shut down my comp instead i use the hibernate option.quite often i see that on extended use my comp stops responding and i have to do a hard reboot(as even...
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