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  1. ssk_the_gr8

    audio driver for Description Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

    where can i get it...can someone plz give me the link? hey i used intels chipset identifier..it says intel 915g so do i have to install all the drivers again for the audio to work or do i have to install only the audio driver?
  2. BBThumbHealer

    Pc Restarts While Working! .....plz Help

    while i work the pc restarts automatically in between......... i have turned off the automatically restart option too.. but still the prb. persists. specs are :- P IV 3.0 GHz Intel 915G Chipset 1GB DDR RAM Any help would be appreciated Blackberry7100g
  3. S


    HI, about 2 days back , updated bios. ALL went OK now Nfs ug 2 loads , after intro and all once it comes to main menu , low very low fps. even jerky mouse movement . cant even play it. had to press alt f4 to quit. all other games are a OK . :D i have 915G chipset with 1024 ram. about a...
  4. S

    i graphics media accelerator 900

    Can anyone fill me up with details of the onboard i gma 900 graphics that comes with 915G chipset ? Heard it has tile based architecture ? explain waht it is ??
  5. J

    unable to install FC4 on 915G

    hi frendz i need to install FC4 onto 915G which has sata drive and 3 GHz processor the problem is that the installation does not start. at selection page for graphical or text mode install,it gives error of some kind of kernel loading. the media i m using is fine,i've checked it at...
  6. S

    Driver available ?????????

    Hi , I would like to know where i can get intel i 915G graphics drivers for win98.I have asrock 915G chipset mobo.Please help me out.Almost everywhere i search , i get only XP drivers. :?:
  7. a_to_z123

    915G, 915GV or 925G

    Hello all, Well i just wanted to know this: What is the difference b/w 915g & 915GV chipsets. And what all shortcomings in the 915 series have been rectified in the 925 series of Intel chipsets. Reply soon as I'm gonna buy a new PC shorly and wanna go 4 one of'em! Regards, Zaib.
  8. Y

    I cant play Farcry on 915G chipset

    Hello everyone I Just a week ago bought an New PC with these ASUS P5GDC-V deluxe motherboard P4 3.0 GHz [socket 775] 512 MB DDR400 RAM In Dual channel that makes 1 GB ram in total Seagate 200 GB SATA hard drive And all other components I have not taken grapic card as 915G...
  9. K

    Motherboard Processor & Graphics Card Problem

    I am thinking of buying a new PC and want some help from u. The budget is around 40,000Rs. The accesories have been decide by me but from the Processor & Graphics card side i have some questions. Firstly should i go for a P-4 3.2/3.46Ghz with a 915G chipset or a AMD 64bit 3Ghz with...
  10. Y

    Help to Upgrade?

    Hi everyone,, I want to upgrade my System which has following confugiration,, INTEL original 845GLAD INTEL P4 1.7 Ghz 256MB DDR 266MHz RAM Seagate 80 GB with 7200 Rpm I want to Upgrade my sytem based on 915G motherboard,,But as i dont have enough money to upgrade full system Now i...
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