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Help to Upgrade?

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Hi everyone,,

I want to upgrade my System which has following confugiration,,

INTEL original 845GLAD
INTEL P4 1.7 Ghz
256MB DDR 266MHz RAM
Seagate 80 GB with 7200 Rpm

I want to Upgrade my sytem based on 915G motherboard,,But as i dont have enough money to upgrade full system Now i am planing to buy only motherboard and others later,,,But Does 915G motherboard support my old p4 1.7 Ghz processor [478 socket],,DDR 266 MHz Ram ,,and other old accessories,,,plz do Help me

Thanking all[/b]


Cyborg Agent
whoever replies to that ..
plz can u also tell me the cost of 915 motherboard
and 512MB ram
im planning to upgrade too .. i have exactly the same system as yesh



Old socket 478 processors can not be used in 915 chipset motherboards.this one supports LGA775 type processors.As for as ur memory and HDD,u can use the present ones on the new board.
for more info visit:-

Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF supports Intel P4 LGA 775 Processor+ Intel 915G Express,costs Rs.11000

MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum Edition supports Intel P4 775 Processor+ Intel 915P Express costs 12500

Asus P5GD2 Premium Intel P4 775 Pro+ Intel 915P Express Rs.19450

MSI 915G Combo-FR Intel P4 775 + Intel 915G Express Rs.8500

INTEL D915GAV Intel 775 + Intel915G Rs.7000

Asus P5GD1-VM-UAYOZ Intel P4 775 + Intel 915G Rs.7900


those are OFFICIAL ASUS prices
ull get the asus 915 ( i must say the best as usual ;) ) for 12-13k INCLUDING THE WIFIg BUNDLE !!

hynix 512 mb ram ddr 400 for 3.8-4k
Kingston 512 mb ram ddr 400 for 4k-4.3k
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