1. S

    Gtx 650ti vs 750ti vs r7 260x

    hey friend as title suggest my friend wants to buy a new graphic card ......He has a strict budget of rupees 10,000 (not a single penny more) . he has selected following cards :- Sapphire r7 260x 2gb ddr5 ----------around 9500 rs ( Flipkart) Zotac nvidia gtx 750ti 2 gb ddr5 ----around 10700...
  2. S

    Msi r7 260x oc or gtx 650ti

    I can get the r7 260x for 11k should i gp for it or buy gtx 650ti Help me Sent from my GT-I9070 using Tapatalk 4
  3. S

    560ti vs 650ti

    I got my 560ti graphics card RMA today it was giving black screens on every game after 10mins of gameplay. The zotac guy said i wont get a new 560ti card but a 650ti card. I asked him for a better card and he said 10k more for a 660ti. Is there any other card that i can replace 560 with since...
  4. NoasArcAngel

    haswell or ivy?

    getting a new pc... i5 4430 + gtx 650ti boost oc or i5 3450 + hd 7870 xt ? confused. Still cant make up mind. Suggestions please. :) im getting i5 4430 @ 12k gigabyte b85m d3h @ 5.7k msi gtx 650ti boost 2gb @ 12.7k i5 3450 @ 10.5 gigabyte b75m d3h @ 4.3k hd 7870 sapphire...

    Need PSU for GTX 650ti boost

    My specs are Amd Phenom II X6 1090T BE (125w) M4a88-M 4gb Corsair Value Ram 1333MHz Local PSU 550(:() I am buying GTX 650Ti Boost Gcard as i am on tight budget can i get Corsair cx500v2(80+) ? because i have strong feeling that my system using too much power(approx 350 ...let me know if i...
  6. sksundram

    which 650ti boost edition to choose?

    so i decided to buy this card but got confused as so many vendors have gtx 650ti 2gb boost edition to offer like asus,zotac,evga,gigabyte et al. so help me choose the best card vendor which has the best cooling and oc option among them. PS: any suggestion for any alternate card to go for...
  7. N

    Which one to choose?

    Hello, I have inquired about the GPU and I have 3 options- 1) HD 7770- Price- 9k 2) GTX 650- Price- 8.6k 3) GTX 650=2GB-Price- 10.3k 4) GTX 650Ti Boost- 13.2k I think no.4 would be out of my budget. Too bad 650Ti version is not there. My...
  8. dusu94

    Difference between Gtx 650ti 1gb and 2 gb

    I wanna ask a question that really what is the main difference between 650ti gtx 1gb and 2 gb...? *www.hwcompare.com/ i went to this site and they said the cards were similar so why the hell is the 2gb version expensive and what is the main difference between the two....?
  9. S

    Gtx 650?

    I am going to Buy A New GPU as my 8400gs is way too slow....... I have a budget of 12K-13K I'm confused between 1. GTX 650ti 1GB 2. GTX 650ti 2GB 3. GTX 650ti AMP edition! can some guys tell me about whats the difference between 1GB and 2Gb or the overpriced AMP edition. I'm strict on my...
  10. sudhir_3193

    msi 560ti hawk or asus 650ti oc

    hey friends kindly suggest me a good gpu under 11k. I am getting msi 560ti hawk edition for 11k second hand. Or shall i go for brand new asus 650ti OC edition.
  11. R

    Will Intel DP55WB support ASUS/ZOTAC GTX 650 Ti AMP edition......?

    Hi, My PC Config is processor:i5-750 2.66GHz Motherboard: Intel DP55WB SMPS: Cooler-Master 460W current graphic card: ATI 4670HD Planning to Upgrade graphic card to 650Ti. If it supports my mother well and good....else please just a good Mid-rang graphic card for gaming. Thanks.
  12. S

    nVidia GeForce GTX 650Ti

    hello guyz, I want to buy a new nVidia GeForce GTX 650Ti.. please suggest me which one should I buy..? Asus, Zotac, Gigabyte or EVGA.. also suggest me a good PSU for this card.. Thanks in advance..
  13. CarlonSamuels

    wanna update GFX under 14k

    What are my best options I wanna buy either (i) HD 7850 1 gb (ii)GTX 560Ti (iii)GTX 650 Any idea when the 650ti will release Or should i buy a 2nd HD 6850 and upgrade my PSU
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