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  1. N

    seasonic s12 ii 620w wony boot

    i have a gigabyte g41m combo mobo xeon x3220 proccy and 4 gb ram..i bought seasonic 620w but it wont boot because of missing -5v white wire. i tried jump start my psu. it work. please guys help to start my pc
  2. Mainak23

    MSI GTX580 Lightning Quarry

    hii guys... i have a question...is SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W can handle MSI N580GTX Lightning all well?? or do i need other PSU for GTX 580 lightning.. Cabby- Corsair 500R Procy- Amd fx 8350 Mobo- Asus Crosshair V Formula Z Ram- G.skill (2X4GB) PSU- Seasonic 620w
  3. A

    PSU Seasonic s12ii 620w work on 600 va ups ?

    Hello, Please help me in selecting psu wanted to buy seasonic s12ii 620w Need to know will it run good with my UPS Luminous Vista 600 VA is my UPS and i don't know weather it have Simulated sine wave or pure sine wave or something required to support the seasonic s12ii 620w psu...
  4. pratyush997

    Need Expert Advice For Cabinets and PSU

    Hello Folks, I need to buy a PSU and Cabinet for my gaming Rig. I Have narrowed down to Cabinet-->NZXT Gamma PSU/SMPS-->SeaSonic S12II 620W All Suggestion are welcomed!!! Please Advice !!!!
  5. V

    Motherboard for overclocking 955BE

    Hi, In 4k budget which is decent mobo for overclocking 955BE to 3.8/4GHz ? No MSI boards. AM3+, at least 4+1 phase design must. Sata3 and USB3 optional. I had found out that Gigabyte GA-880GM-D2H v3.1 is at around 3850. For overclocking i have following too Corsair XMS3 2*2GB 1600MHz...
  6. ritvij

    buying hardware need advice!!!

    Hey m gonna assemble a new pc with the following specs : C2D E8400 MSI P45 Platinum 4 GB Corsair DDRII RAM 640 GB X 2 WD HDD RAID I + 80 GB WD XFX GTX 260 Graphics BenQ G2420HD Monitor PSU 620W Corsair Altec Lansing Speakers VS2421 can ny1 suggest somthng better... it will be used...
  7. layzee

    Good 700W PSU under 7K

    I recently got my self a new 9800GTX+ and want to upgrade my PSU. What should I go for among the following:- 1. Corsair 620W 2. Tagan BZ-700 3. CoolerMaster 650W Please help me out in selecting one of these...
  8. S

    Asus 8800 GTS 320MB + Corsair 620w

    Asus 8800GTS (320 MB) + Corsair 620w for sale together. Brand new unopened box etc. Mumbai only. Price Rs: 23,000/- for both. Will cost you Rs: 26,000 at the cheapest local price. Pickup preferred.
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