1. Ronnie11

    Advice on buying 2TB Internal Hard drive

    Hi Guys, So i have 3 hard drives in my pc(model no. in signature). My primary hard drive is almost full and needs an urgent upgrade preferably 2tb or above(Highly doubt if my system will support hard drives greater than 2tb). Can you please suggest a hard drive which will primarily used for...
  2. D

    Suggest a 1~2TB hard disk

    i'm planning to replace my existing 8~9years old WD640GB and 500GB hard disks with a single 1 or 2TB hard disk. i'll be moving my existing game installations to the new disk. i already use a 2TB WD green for data storage purpose. also wondering if an SSD is will help gaming performance(as...
  3. D

    External HDD 2 TB or more, 10.5 k max, any suggestions?

    I'm looking for an external HDD (2TB or more) for my personal collection (mostly movies, games etc). I don't need encryption and security is not a concern, but I want a reliable one (which can last 3-4 years). My first choice was WD Elements 2TB USB 3.0 (is it blue? green drives are good? can I...
  4. D

    toshiba 2tb canvio connect ii 2tb purchase

    Recently ordered wd my passport ultra ii (white)from amazon but the my passport font were tilted downwards due to printing defect which looked ugly..That was not an issue until I figured 1tb was not going to be enough for me and came across this and the review was good but since my internal...
  5. A

    Best Portable 2TB Hard Drive.

    I've been using Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB since June last year, and I'm happy with its performance. But now I have to get another one of the same capacity. Which is the best option available in the market? Consider cost per GB, read/write speed, portability, compatibility and other criteria.
  6. S

    samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive OR WD my passport Ultra 2tb

    I'm getting Samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive @ 5939 AND WD my passport ultra @ 6539. Now price difference of 600 is not a big problem for me. I'm looking at after sales service. samsung m3 2tb got really good reviews on amazon, so I'm confused. I know WD is good in ASS, but IDK...
  7. rider

    Cheapest and Best 2TB Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online

    Hello! geeky digitians. I need your help in purchasing Cheapest and Best 2TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Disk Deal Online. Budget is less than or equal to 6k. Brand preference Seagate and WD. Colour preference Silver or Black Please share links of the cheapest online deal. Thank you! How...
  8. T

    2TB 2.5" internal hard drive needed for upgarding laptop storage.

    Hi to all, I have a Lenovo G500 laptop with 500GB internal storage. I am thinking to add another 2TB hard drive by removing DVD drive and adding a HDD caddy. All i can find are samsung 2.5" hdd ~Rs.9k. Kindly suggest... Thanks in advance Tushar
  9. ravi847

    Need a 2tb external hard disk

    I need to buy a 2tb external hard disk. Please suggest some good quality ones. I am not looking for something specific.
  10. Akshay

    Netgear R7000 AC1900 + WD 2TB MyCloud Storage or Apple Time Capsule 2TB

    Use: Internet; Time machine backups, viewing videos stored on a dedicated hard disk on laptop / smart tv / mobile; Budget: Max 20k; My present modem cum router (Netgear 3700v2) fails to give good signal all over my house plus streaming is not smooth enough from the USB connected to the present...
  11. A

    NEED 2TB NAS in 15k.....

    Hey, guy’s I am looking to purchase one 2TB NAS for my 5 user’s office. My main purpose is to get daily backup on it (All 5 pc’s D drive). My budget is 15k I select some brand plz let me know which one is best, WD my cloud Seagate business storage One of my favorite Synology (but it to...
  12. G

    Buying advice for external hdd ?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy external 3.5" hdd preferably 2TB or 3TB, I want some good brand, Can you tell me How's Western Digital My book Essential? and Is it ok to buy 3tb as I have heard that it has high failure rate than 2tb? Please advice. Thank You. GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  13. N

    2 TB External HDD

    I want to buy a 2 TB External HDD, preferably WD & Seagate. What about WD Ultra 2tb ? Please suggest a HDD with price around 7-8k
  14. Ironman

    2TB Portable USB 3.0 - Need

    I am Looking for a Portable 2TB for my Long Term Storage Which one should i go for I am looking for a Reasonably Budget & performance Balance I am currently looking at a few options But FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST MORE (I MEAN IT)...
  15. Ironman

    Portable External HDD - ?

    I want a Portable External HDD Capacity 2TB or More if possible TO Stoer: Its Going to be my Gaming Collection HDD . With all the Setups & Isos Its all scattered now , want to accumulate under one HDD ! :twisted: SO i looked at Brand NEW Western Digital WD MY Passport Ultra 2TB | eBay...
  16. adityak469

    New Internal and External HDDs

    I'm looking to buy a new internal 1TB HDD, and a external 2/3 TB HDD. The internal one, i'll be buying in the next few weeks and the external one has some time. My budget for the internal 1TB is 4k and for the external 2/3TB is 7.5k. Can't extend at all. This is the higheat i can go. What i...
  17. W

    Internal Hard Drive 2 TB/1 TB

    Hi Friends, My seagate hard drive seems to have died and is in warranty. Planning to send to RMA. Meanwhile, want to purchase a reliable hard drive. Any suggestion within 5k-6k budget? Also is 2TB better value for money than 1 TB? If so, which ones can I buy? Purpose - MKV and video...
  18. gagan_kumar

    need 2TB intenal Hard disk

    ok after a whole 1 year of purchasing my rig (thanks to all tdf members for that) now i am planning to upgrade it......... budget max 6k for 2TB internal HD also suggest me also a good ssd within 12-13k
  19. coderunknown

    [Praise] Western Digital internal hard drive RMA

    2010: Purchased new HDD from SMC. Sent me Green instead of Blue. 2011: Drive failed. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black. 2013-14: Drive died again. RMA and was sent a 1TB Black (rectified) which too died shortly. RMA'd and was sent a 2TB Black (rectified). PS: paid ~2150 for the...
  20. U

    Need suggestion for an internal HDD

    Friends Please help me to decide on a 2TB internal HDD which is reliable, durable, high speed and offers best warranty in India (budget 5.5-6k). Why 2TB: Because it has more $/GB ratio
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